Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our scientists are going under  a inventing explosion being  able to explore and create unchecked by most laws or ethics.  I do not believe that there has ever been as much freedom in the scientific exploration world as there is now.  There are no restrictions on stem cell research as there were strict restrictions during the President Bush era.  Because of unrestricted DNA testing, in the past six years during the Obama Administration many death row inmates have been proven to be innocent of the crimes they were incarcerated because   of new scientific evidence now being allowed to enter a case as new evidence even if the crime occurred 30 years ago.  That is a good thing.  But where there are good   things, there are bad applications of new inventions as well.

The explosion of DNA testing and stem cell research is allowing scientists to play God with   life.  Wonderful things are happening like organ banks where   one day we will be able to simply replace our old damaged kidney with a new kidney that they grew from our own genes and DNA.  It is a rich man’s dream to attain health and longevity and eternal life which at one time old age was impossible to escape no matter how much money you had.  Lots of money can also fund lots of experiments.  Imagine being able to take the best attributes from all species to create one  supreme being.  I know I am going into science fiction territory here but it is  not  so  much fiction any more.  How about some creature with a brain from some genius, a body from a strong  guerrilla, the eyes from bees, strong cutting teeth from a shark and flapping arms to soar like an eagle.  That would be my present day Frankenstein.

Many people believe now that strange creatures are being created that could possibly take over the world.  A new breed of part animal part human exists out there somewhere.  Baboon heart   valves   are already being transplanted into humans with much   success.   With the creation of some sort of thing could the human race be threatened?  Animal cruelty investigators are noticing new horrors being done to animals in scientific laboratories. There are pigs with human blood flowing through their bodies. Mice with human brain parts. All kinds of unregulated experiments are being done le:- in laboratories these days totally unregulated.

Could there be para-human monsters being created? Who or what agency is the watch dog over these laboratories? No branch of our governments is currently monitoring these experiments.  Dr. Gordon Gallop an Evolutionary Psychologist recalls an article in a 1976 edition of Time Magazine where it featured a creature known as Oliver that was apish but walked looked and behaved like a human and at that time received international attention.  He believes the creature was a human chimpanzee hybrid.  He coined the term humanzee.

Dr. William Hurlbilt is a specialist in bioethics.  He advises the government as to how far researchers can cross into gene mixing.  One scientist , Dr Stewart Newman, a Cell Biology &Anatomy Professor  who was successful tried to get a patent for a  humanzee in an attempt to stop other scientists from creating them.  A judge rejected it because the creature  was beyond a certain percentage human but did not commit to what an appropriate percentage would be acceptable.  If a patented is turned down in the United States that does not necessarily mean that it is illegal.

The United States Congress is the only group that can decide what to do with this situation.  Remember these are the same people that cannot even decide on a balanced budget yet we  expect them to decide what is legal and illegal in this country even in terms of science.  We are in big trouble if the future of humankind is being left in the hands of the elected democrats and republicans.  Right now according to  Federal standards in the United States it is prohibited to take an embryo that  was made from the cells of two different species and to implant it  into a human female uterus but  it is not prohibited to take that mixture and  implant it in a chimpanzee uterus.  As it stands there is no law preventing you from creating a humanzee if you use the female chimpanzee as the carrier.  If the government is looking to create some sort of super soldier, perhaps this is why they are quite all about the situation.  We can only hope that there are ethical people creating the new  destiny for humankind. Let us hope that they are doing the right thing at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Georgia.

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