Sunday, June 1, 2014

 Where are the women to do something about it?  What good is a boner without a release?  If they’re going to sell the sexual enhancements for men they should have the same product for women.  When was the last time you heard a wife or girlfriend begging her man for sex?  Never.  We can all fantasize or they can make available a little pink pill to go with the men’s little blue pill that create feelings that can hardly be considered little. We need a Viagra for women.  We need a solution to a bedroom epidemic.

Drugs like Viagra and Cialis are available everywhere.  Women suffer from sexual dysfunction too why isn’t there a pill for them?  There is one but it is not available and you cannot get it.  It is a little pink pill. Cindy Whitehead the CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals says that the pill is absolutely an evolution in this female sexual revolution.  Where are they revolting?  Point me in that direction!  You won’t be able to get the pill just   yet because it is locked in a heated battle for FDA approval.  It raises the question, why are there so many sexual   enhancing products out there for men and none for women?

There are 25 products approved for male sexual dysfunction.  Women who have taken the pink pill as   part   of a clinical trial believe that it works.  Those who did not think about sex at all, found them feeling a flutter of desire by just thinking about their lover or spouse after taking the pill.  Soon they started buying lingerie and initiating things in the bedroom.  Where is this clinical trial?  I believe that if   you   randomly asked 10 ladies how their sex life is, that they would want this pill.  Because it is such a taboo topic, I admit women feel very isolated and wouldn’t want to discuss it not even with their spouses.

The little pink pill is about more than just curing a waning libido.  It was specifically made for treating hypoactive sexual   desire disorder or HSDD.  Now   where is that girl?  How do they even know if this is a relationship problem or if it is a clinical   problem?  As it is, only one of 10 women suffer from HSDD.  I could have told you that.  Doctors will tell you there are no medical treatment options at all for HSDD.  About 4 in 10 women report sexual dysfunction.  The less than sexy name for the pink pill is called   Flibanserin.  The big winner here is probably Cindy Whitehead who quit her job and purchased the rights to Sprout Pharmaceuticals and who has now been fighting for FDA approval for three years.

It is not accurate to call the pill the female Viagra because   it works very differently from Viagra. Viagra   is a blood flow issue whereas Flibanserin works on key chemicals in the brain.  Scientists have known for years that the female’s   biggest sexual organ is actually her   brain and not in her panties.  The pink pill targets the brain.  If taken every day it is not hormonal but works on brain chemistry.  1000 women participated in the trials.  According to the company’s results, on average women taking Flibanserin  doubled  their number of so called satisfying sexual events and reported a 50% increase in sexual desire.  Where is my wife I have to get something for her.

That is  an amazing significant statistic on that subject.  About 15% of those in the clinical trials dropped out because of side effects including dizziness and sleepiness.  But honey just think about all the great sex you are having!  Those  side  effects seem mild as compared to the long list of side effects listed in the Viagra commercials.  Men have to possibly worry about an erection lasting more than four hours.  The FDA still says no to the pink pill because “in the risk benefit evaluation, Flibanserin’s  effect was only modest.” I’ll take modest!  I’ll take anything!

The rejection ignited a storm of controversy with many crying sexism.  The agency was barraged with letters in support of the drug from prominent women’s groups and even from a handful of congresswomen. Dr. Lauren Streicher , the author of Love Sex Again, believes it is specifically sexism considering there are 25 drugs approved for men and zero approved for women.  The FDA says that they deny any allegations of gender bias in their  decision.  Could it be an ineffective drug for a non existing condition?  I will believe that one when I see a lot of women asking men out on dates. Look I feel that sexual desire varies by  person and by stages in  one’s  lives.  Sprout  Pharmaceuticals is currently appealing the FDA’s decision and if it gets approval, the pink pill might be available to the general public in  2015.


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