Sunday, April 13, 2014

 Let’s talk dating.  A special kind of dating.   I’m talking about considering dating an older woman.  They are usually very intelligent, very secure and willing to admit to just about anything.  This kind of woman has been there and has seen it all.  They know what they want and know   who they are.  It is now up to you to decide if that is what you want. Dates should be pretty easy.  They like to do daytime activities and want to have dinner at exactly 6:00.  By evening hours   they’ve had enough of you and are willing to end their day.  By 9:30 the young women are just starting to play.  I am not in this game and am pretty old myself.  How old would I have to go to date an   older   woman if I was inclined to do so?  At any age, anyone older than you I’m sure would still make you feel like some kind of stud.

Catherine Deneuve   is a movie star whose face   defines the word beauty.  She is an undisputed legend.  She   is now 70 years old.  Yes I am talking about an extremely older   woman who somehow is still a sexy beautiful classy lady.  Being French can only add to the romanticism.  The entire French language is based on puckering your lips.  Just saying,   jus suis   francoise,, I am French, is a puckering of her lips.  You youngsters who don’t know who she is can do some research and view some of the one hundred films she has appeared in over the past 57 years.  I know most of you only know Brad Pitt movies and Angelina Jolie movies that are played alternately whenever they have time to make another film.

In her early years she was known as the ice maiden.  Catherine was elegant, distant and reserved.  Yup probably hard to get.  Then she started making films packed with passion and some kinky sex.  Films  called Bill Du Jour or And All Seventy.  Her personal life was always interesting but never scandalous.  Love affairs with friends are rarely scandals and she had many friends.  Friends who she appeared in movies with.  Actors like Francois  Truffaut, or with Marcello Mastrionni.  And if you don’t know who these guys are, you are too young for this conversation.  Actually, I am a bit young for these movie stars too.

Her message was clear and is the same message from many   older   women today, “If you want me, you got to deserve me and if you do, welcome to paradise.” Wow!  That has to at   least   be intriguing.  Some have called her the   most beautiful woman in the world.  It can’t be easy living up to being called the most   beautiful   woman in the world . It can be a burden because you always have to live up to that expectation.  Her second film was called Ladies Man and of course she had   the leading role.  Her son was born when she was 19 years old.

Her .career was speeding toward stardom when one of her early films won the best prize at the Cannes film festival.  In 1965 she married photographer David Belli and during those years with him she flourished taking both risky and risqué roles.  She starred in a horror film called Repulsive directed by Roman Polanski.  At age 22 she was in theaters around the world.  Two years later she appeared as an elegant affluent woman who does tricks in the afternoon.  If  France is known for its cuisine, wine and women, then she represents the sexy, sophisticated French woman.

In 1971 she appeared for the first time with the Italian idol Marcello Mastrionni who became her lover and the father of her daughter.  They never married and their affair   lasted for four years.  See him in the classic film called La Douche  Vita.  In 1980 she won the equivalent of the French Oscar for the critically acclaimed   movie called The Last Metro directed by Francois Truffaut who was crushed after their affair ended. You might have to be a tormented man to go out with a stunning woman.  Nearing 50 years old she played an   unmarried plantation owner in 1992 in the movie called Indochino where she  raises  an orphan in China .    
She was awarded her first and only Oscar nomination for her   work in that movie.  I wish that there were   more movies made for older actresses who still look beautiful and know their craft well.  People like Catherine deserve to win Oscars.  Her latest film   had her playing a grandmother who was a former beauty queen.  If I could turn back the hands of time I would have loved to seen her work in more   American films perhaps with our handsome   hero, Cary Grant.  Was he possibly the one man she never had?   Could there be a secret to ageing  well besides growing up beautiful?

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