Wednesday, April 9, 2014

. Words are so important in our lives.  They can invoke all sorts of emotion.  Love, hate, tears, joy and passion all can be conveyed through   words.  Choose your words carefully since there’s always someone to inspire or   someone   to   offend.  People are even   using the same word in   many   different parts of speech.  The word fuck is used randomly all the time in many different ways usually to   offend people.  I blame it all on the fact that people don’t read enough, don’t have a large enough   vocabulary to even make substitutions of that word adequately.

What about the stupid expression O.K. Is it a word at all?  Why can’t people just   say yes?  Well, the   word happens to be America’s most successful export and has been blown around freely in this country for about 175 years.  There is no other word that is widely recognized throughout the world.  No other   American word has succeeded like that.  Like what the F word has become, one reason for OK’s appeal is   its    versatility.  Above all,   it is an   adjective.  When you say, “This is okay.” But it is also a noun when you say, “I gave this in my OK.” It is also a verb,   “   I said it was okay” It is also an adverb, “She did it okay.” And it is also an interjection, “Okay!”

So just where did this word come from?  One theory is that it came from a Greek word OLA KALA   that means all good.  A recently famous OK   origin   story was featured in the recent 2012 Academy Award winning movie called Silver Linings Play Book where the leading actor says,” Martin Van Buren the eighth president of the United States used to  say you are OK because you were part of a club.” In reality in 1839 an abbreviation craze was sweeping America.  So OK was born meaning correct.  The earliest finding of the word OK in a dictionary was in the 1864 edition of the Slang Dictionary   of   Vulgar   Words.  Is the word OK as annoying as the F word being thrown around and the word like that also seems to be in every sentence of every person that has a hard time   expressing    themselves?

Which word is more annoying like or OK?  I find the word like   infinitely more annoying than OK because like is just a brain fart; a word to throw into   a sentence when you don’t even know what you are saying.  At least the word OK it is used as a form of mutual agreement.  Like in just a mediocre word.  At least OK was featured in a famous quote.  I’m OK you’re OK.  OK is emphatic, distinctive it is simple.  Americans don’t like to be complicated.  It is a way of life.  And they hate spelling long words.  So you can’t get much shorter than OK.  OK?  OK.

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