Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I got the moves like Jagger,  I got the moves like Jagger, WooOOhoo. Yeah, that song is in my head. It’s ok because it is also a tradition that we should celebrate the bringing in of the new year with a party.  Personally I thought that Jagger from the Rolling Stones was nuts or having a bad reaction to drugs just watching the moves he made on stage during their concerts. Then the other song pops into my head that goes I really want to know somebody because I want to take a particular somebody to the party.  Who is doing this to me? It is the music from one man. Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

Some people say who cares, new year’s is just another changed digit on the calendar. I say no, it is the one day of the year where it is ok to hug somebody you don’t really know and not get charges brought up against you. Have a party even if that means watching TV with your favorite snack. Or with a friend share a drink and click glasses for good luck in the new year. Or, invite a few friends to make noise with. Or get out of the house and maybe even make new friends somewhere. Do something to celebrate a new beginning  even if it is technically just a new digit on a calendar.

I will never forget when I was a cop stationed in Times Square on New Years Eve watching the thousands of happy people willingly stand for hours in the cold air with no food and no bathrooms just to see the ball drop.  It was frightening because it was enough people to clog the streets as in a protest but they were there to have fun with strangers. I was always worried for my life just in case there was someone who hated cops and would decide to take my life for some political statement.

Now I look forward to a room at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square at midnight warm and inside with a cold drink looking down at all those happy people peeing in their adult diapers while I am eye to eye with the giant crystal ball dropping at midnight;  closing my eyes and pretending that I am with the girl of my dreams.  Yeah it sounds selfish but it is cool to be singing and dancing to Adam Levine and Maroon 5 songs safe in a great hotel in Times Square with the rich and beautiful people.  Sorry but there it is . I said it like a pompous oaf that I am now.

Adam is the front singing man for his band as Mick Jagger was for the Rolling Stones.  The difference is that Adam’s song starts with whistling.  I haven’t heard a whistling hit song since the old cowboy music. Maroon 5 has sold over 17 Million records.  Can I say records? Adam attributes his successes to his parents who loved music and who would quiz him about bands and their hits.  So it is very believable that he has a record deal with an old band while in high school. Living  and growing up in Los Angeles  helped too. He is no small town kid.

You gotta have friends and he has known his band mates for most of his life. The first record deal failed with their first album. The same guys went to a different label and a new name for the band with much success. They won’t reveal what Maroon 5 means.  That is a weird name for a band.

 He broke up with his girl Jane, wrote an album about her and soon he was at the Grammy’s picking up an award in 2005 for Best New Artist for the Year.  Hey, sometimes a broken heart can bring good things for your life. Adele became a household name for all her broken heart songs.  Maybe some idiot will break your heart on New Year’s Eve but then you might have the best 2014 year of your life. Celebrate anyway. Be hopeful. Why not?  Cheers !  Happy New Year to the 100,000 friends here who read my rants.  Thank You it means a lot to me.

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