Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What the hell does that mean?  Is a party doing whatever you want or doing nothing wearing your sweat pants all day? Is a party inviting that special friend and making the bed rock? Is a party eating like a pig? Is a party getting a bunch of people together and making the music blast? Is a party drinking booze till you drop or puke? Is partying taking drugs? Taking cocaine and someone gives you heroin instead and you get addicted to it till it kills you? Literally?  Or is partying making you lucky not to be dead or just hauled off to jail for a couple of years for possession?   It can make you want to leave the party real fast if you can. Partying shouldn’t suck. It should be great no matter what a party means to you.

Hopefully you survived the party last night and are waking up with who you want to wake up with or at least where you want to be.  Just be glad you woke up.  During the past five years seizures of heroin has gone up more than 50% per cent.  The number of heroin users has gone up dramatically, users are up by 75% per cent..  Does anyone even remember all the rock stars and talented people who already died from addictions?  No, because the fastest growing numbers of users are kids younger than 21 years old.  Have we learned nothing?  I guess not. Let’s party man!  Hell No!  Not with heroin,’’

These new heroin users are all over the country and are outside the big cities.  Middle class and affluent American kids.   The reason is simple. Everyone is on pain killers for whatever reason and when the pain killers are hard to get, people switch to heroin where the kids just say that it makes them feel good. A recent survey said that 24% per cent of high school students which is more than 5 Million kids have abused highly addictive medications like Vicoden and Oxycodone.  That is a 33% per cent increase in just 5 years. On the streets those pills can be very expensive, as much as $80 dollars each. 

So, kids look for a cheaper alternative. A bag of heroin can cost as little as $10 bucks.  I bet a lot of people are finding alpt of dead people this morning because they partied.  This is not a parent problem. It is a community problem and a society problem where people think taking the hard stuff is a party when in reality it is an eventual death self-inflicted sentence.  Throwing everyone in prison is NOT the answer anymore. It solves nothing but teaches kids to be criminals.  We need a nationwide law that if someone is overdosing they can call 911 without the fear of getting thrown in jail.  911 is supposed to be the call numbers to help people who need help.  Help these kids , don’t lock them away in prison school for a few years.

People need to know about a heroin antidote that is available. It is called Naloxone which can neutralize the drug’s effects and save the life of someone who is overdosing.  Researchers say that Naloxone can easily cut deaths to heroin use in half.  Then why isn’t this stuff a household name where everyone knows about it?  Yes, it is a new year and I already found something to be angry about.  I don’t want to see any more kids die.  At least show parties where every little bastard kid who says, “ I’m 18, don’t tell me what to do Dad anymore,” has this antidote in his pocket with the drugs.  Save their lives until they realize how precious life really is and they grow out of their recklessness ways.

Put Naloxone  in stores available over the counter for anyone to buy at any time they want.  The goal is to reduce overdosing to zero within the next 10 years.  Now that is a new year’s resolution I like.  Tell somebody important somewhere to make it happen.  Do it for the kids , for society, for the good of someone somewhere.  We survived our youth so that we can help the kids, even if they think they know it all.

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