Wednesday, December 25, 2013

They gave you gifts, now close your eyes and think of something really different out there you would like to have had but you know it would never happen but it would be cool. Don’t tell anyone either. They would probably just laugh at your fantasy present for yourself.  Yes, Christmas Day is the day for giving but it is also the day to take stuff too.  Of course with a little reflection and prayer thrown in over the baby Jesus. 

My last few rants I mean blog posts were about the well fed wealthy Congress and then about the medically fortunate former Vice-President. Now I will greedily talk about my selfish fantasy which is not such a fantasy but a reality for the very rich not so few these days.  They can buy it in any shade of any color they want and have to order one a year in advance since it will be made especially for them. No waiting in lines for a special sale anywhere. 

 Ford builds about 23 thousand vehicles per day and Lamborghini builds eleven.  Each car is very beautiful and unique.  It is the 50th anniversary of Italy’s super car.  Each car costs six figures.  It has 2 seats, no trunk and gets 14 miles to the gallon.  Lamborghini is hardly a car company but more a builder of fantasies.  The car is breathtaking because it is built to go around 200 mile per hour.  The cheap one goes for $200,000.  There is a $400,000 car and a 4 million dollar car.

The creator Ferucchio Lamborghini, was a builder of tractors comparable to America’s John Deere.  He used to collect Ferraris but found that the clutches were weak.  When he complained to Ferrari he was told to stick to tractors and don’t complain about our cars.  Being half Italian I understand how a statement like that can infuriate someone.  In Italy they say that insult is the mother of invention.

So Lamborghini went on a new quest to build cars with lavish interiors, big V-12 engines and beautiful styling.  Some helicopters can only travel 117 miles per hour, the latest Lamborghini can travel over 200 miles per hour comfortably.  It goes zero to 60 in under three seconds.  Guess who’s going to be the first one out of a red light?  All this power comes from just one factory.

There are no robots on this automobile assembly line, just wonderful people who know the feel of every bolt and look at each pane of glass.  Nearly all men create the metal for the car and nearly all women create the interior.  The designers take their inspiration from the shapes of insects and fighter plains.

Despite the high cost of these cars Lamborghini makes a slim profit.  The profits began to increase when Volkswagen bought the company under it’s Audi brand in 1998.  The draw of the vehicle is as much the sound as the look.  You can hear a Lamborghini coming long before you see it.

In order to write a $400,000 check you have to be a little bit irrational, like many of our Congressmen.  No two cars are alike, each is crafted as a matter of taste.  To me that’s a unique gift, but I didn’t get one for Christmas.  There are only four 4 million dollar cars made, named after a bull who killed a matador.  All three of the buyers bought the car sight unseen.

They are the epitome of irrational romance and a wonderful gift to peoples ever need to have stuff in the season of buying.  Merry Christmas and hopefully even if it wasn’t a 4 million dollar Lamborghini you got all the stuff you wanted for Christmas.

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