Sunday, November 17, 2013

I majored and got my college degree in Economics but you do not need a degree to know and realize that the way money is distributed is wrong and wacky and needs to be put under controls by personal ethics and government intervention,  The problem is that people do not possess personal ethics of right and wrong and government officials are well greedy bastards instead of poor public servants servicing the communities at large,

The recent government shutdown was a disgrace of a solution to America’s money problems that solved nothing but get all Americans angry and wish to fire all those tanned bloated elected officials in their expensive suits and fire them.  Notice their choice of four health care plans and their six figure salaries were never ever shut down.  The four Congressional health clubs were not shut down that is only even offered for their use.  Yes they will tell you that only 15% of the government was shut down but it affected the now 48% of Americans now getting some form of assistance from the government which is a way too high number to sustain,

We all used to dismiss a free check from the government  as something other people needed but the fact of the matter is that food stamps to disability checks are being printed at a very quick pace and sustain even commerce.  The day those checks cash the businesses are full of consumers.  We have a new culture now.  They are the employed homeless people.  People who work 40 to 80 hours a week and still can’t afford to pay a car payment or rent.

The minimum wage has to go up or you will always have people needing government assistance. People are working harder and longer but are actually making less but at the same time expenses are rising.  This is all wrong.  While government wants to close the programs that feed and house people we need corporations to step up to the plate and be forced to do the right thing by their employees. For example, Verizon made $40 billion dollars in profits and actually paid zero taxes.  Why do I have to pay taxes?
They are not the only ones . GE got a $3 billion dollar refund.  Strippers pay more in taxes and they get paid in cash in the dark so I’ve heard. Is it just that rich people care less? There is such a societal divide that people don’t even know how other people get by in life.  In the 60’s there was a war on poverty to eliminate it forever now there is a war on the poor and just cut them off first and possibly forever. The rich politicians only represent rich districts.

Why do big companies get a reward for their good work in making money but the people don’t?  In Michigan for example, rich lawmakers cut the Earned Income Tax Credit. which is a program that actually enables people who are working very hard but who still aren’t able to pay their bills at the end of the month to get a rebate like Verizon and GE gets.  Why aren’t there any poor lawmakers?  

They cut their state version down 6% per cent. $600 dollars a year to a family may not sound like a lot of money but to that family who is struggling to make things work for their families, every dollar gained helps.  There is a state surplus now and they are not putting that money back into the Earned Income Tax Credit Program. Why?  Why not give the people back some of their hard earned money? It is just another example of the divide in this country between rich and poor.  The breaks are only going to the ruling rich as in the Middle Ages.

When did the American Dream become this economic death spiral where workers get paid next to nothing so they can only afford to buy next to nothing so businesses could afford to sell cheaper and cheaper junk?  Wal-Mart employees can only afford to shop at Wal-Mart. McDonald’s workers can only afford to eat at McDonalds. Hooters waitresses have to wear shirts they grew out of years ago, 

Consider the fact that most fast food workers now is the average age of 29, not that pimply faced kid on their first job.  These older workers are on some form of public assistance which is not surprising when even working people can’t afford their bills.  They take money from the government in the form of food stamps, school lunches, housing assistance or day care.  This is the welfare that rich people hate. But they never stop to think if they share some of their profits and pay their workers decent money to survive on, we wouldn’t need 48% of all Americans on some form of welfare.  We the tax payers wouldn’t have to pick up the bill.

The tax payer should be tired of having to pay the employees of big companies money to live on.  

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