Monday, November 18, 2013

Ok so the website sucks and people have been getting letters in their mailboxes from their insurance companies that their health coverage has been cancelled.  Did Obama mislead us? Or, are these just bumps in the road we need to smooth over before we put down the final paving on health care?  Remember Bush’s big lie when he said we were looking for weapons of mass destruction in a country that didn’t have any weapons of that capability at all.  Oops that we killed hundreds of thousands of people in their own country looking for them.
The website can be fixed and the 86% of Americans who already have health coverage will be able to get it back again,  No company would ever throw away clients so calm down.  At the end of the day we have to feel better that the women who are breast cancer survivors will not have to choose if they can get proper treatment because of costs.  When the under insured face bankruptcy because they had to sell their homes for medical treatments for survival,.  no more choosing between the chemo or the radiation treatment because their existing health coverage plan was so bad.

The problem is that the law is a huge piece of legislation that has been talked about since 1948 and anytime you pass such a sweeping law you need provisions to make sure it works.  The insanity of all this hoopla is that the law really only will dramatically change the lives of about 5% of Americans who have nothing or who are terminally ill. Should we be calling Obama a liar? NO!  Did we all forget already when George Bush said, “ No New Taxes?” and then we had new taxes.  These men say dramatic things to get elected then reality sets in and problems need to be worked through the system. 

Obama is hated because he offers a Robin Hood Plan where he expects the haves to pay for the have nots.  Well, there are rich people running everything these days and they are not thinking the way people thought in the 60’s and 70’s of save the planet, feed the poor heal the sick.  We are in a culture of greed and let’s see what we can get away with kind of culture. Those who have. want to keep all they got .  The hell with those lazy good for nothing sick have nots.  Let them all die. Sigh!  That is why the Republicans voted to shut down the government and the programs that provide for the poorest Americans. 

As of January 1st Obama care will give 150 million people in this country who have preexisting conditions the peace of mind that never again an insurance company will be able to drop them because they have a long term illness like cancer or diabetes or a heart condition. Never again will you see the elderly person in front of you on line at the pharmacy have to pick and choose which prescribed medication they will take home with them because they can’t afford to pay for all their medicines.
This plan will make sure that all women will have access to free mammograms and colonoscopy and make sure that seniors can have a general checkup that does not involve a co-pay or deductible.  We don’t have to have a sick care system anymore where all old people do is talk about their aches and pains all day but can get for free the treatments and medicines that this great country of ours have for our citizens.  Let us for once get to the doctor early so that we can catch our illnesses sooner and make sure that health care is less costly and keep us all alive longer.  We all know that early detection is the key to survival.  It is not just a popular saying
Look,  we are the richest country in the world with the sickest people and will continue to be ill.  All our food is processed with too much salt and sugar and heart clogging trans fats.  Now Amazon will be delivering groceries to your door so you never have to even get up out of the chair to buy more bad food for your health.  You might as well order your casket too while you are at it and you will not care about Obama care when you are dead anyway.

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