Saturday, November 2, 2013

America is a land where the people have plenty and they thrive on indulging in anything comfortable especially in comfort food.  Not good for you food but I don’t care I want it anyway food.  The food companies know this, so, they will box and package any crap they think will sell.  This latest product is a prime example of the trend and it is new and different and probably the worst thing for your body.  It is soon to be on your supermarket shelves Lay’s chocolate-dipped potato chips.  Ugh or wow it is coming to America to every heart and diabetes doctor’s delight.  They will buy a new Mercedes with all the new sick patients they will get thanks to this food.

Lay’s, the nation’s largest salty snack maker, will announce this week their plans to roll out Lay’s Wavy Potato Chips dipped in Milk-Chocolate.  There are growing demands for flavor mash ups and this certainly is one.  According to BIS World, a market research specialist firm, snack foods in this country are a $31 billion dollar market.  Give any teenager some money to buy something at the supermarket and undoubtedly they will return home with some junk food and not a healthy turnip to mash or some soup greens for a great veggie soup.

At $3.49 for a 5 ounce bag, the Lay’s Wave dipped in chocolate chip is just the latest in a flood of sweet and salty products that have caught the nation’s taste buds in the past few years.  From ice-cream stuffed with pretzels to pretzels coated with chocolate, the chocolate covered potato chip ties in with this new salty sweet desire of Americans.  They are releasing this new taste sensation strategically between the Holiday seasons which bring the desires for other seasonal flavors like cinnamon during Thanksgiving and peppermint during Christmas holidays.

Some 43% of consumers snack three to four times daily vs. 24% percent in 2009 according to a research company called Symphony IRI a research specialist.  Flavors are getting more sophisticated where sometimes you even have to think about all the different tastes of things are in that thing you are chewing on.  We are seeing more products that are pairing traditional flavor opposites.  What does that do for my brain ?  Should I be craving sweet or salty?
Because the move into sweet snacks is still unusual for  a salty snack company like the Lay’s giant, the introduction to America will be limited.  Like just sticking your tow into the bath water to see if the temperature is just right before you plunge into it with all your body.  The chocolate dipped chips will only be sold for now in Target stores and will only be made so far to stretch through the holidays.  Sounds like a good idea for Target and for you.

I will run to Target and buy the crap so that I will have something to offer and talk about when you get to see your creepy relatives once a year again around the holidays.  I can even say I bought them at a unique store that is the only place you can buy them called Targee.  Ohh La La  Of course, if it is a hit, the product will be a permanent addition that  you will be able to buy it anywhere Lau’s chips are sold.

Plenty of smaller rivals already have chocolate-dipped chips on the market but except for Rold Gold  pretzels, this is still uncharted territory for the Lay’s company.  The combo of sweet and salty snacks have recently become a normal thing in America.  In only the past year the market has exploded with Kettle Maple Bacon Potato Chips and Planter’s Sweet & Salty Snack Mix.  Hey, honey!  Got any peanut butter for my pickle?  Ugh  Burp

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