Tuesday, October 29, 2013

 Ask any kid what they want when they grow up and they will probably mention money or some kind of stuff like fancy cars or lots of dresses.  Kids used to want to be like someone or be a powerful person or even President.  Nurses, doctors even famous sports people used to be occupations to look forward to.  Not anymore, maybe because so many famous people have failed us that it doesn’t pay to want to be like them.  It can be embarrassing.

Society has thrown money at certain people as an investment with the expectation that they will be good for the sports team or good for the company.  What if they don’t win that many competitions or ultimately bring in more money into the company?  How foolish we are.  There are still children starving in Africa.  We should just feed the world.  

Just look at the National Football League alone and see all the money they have no problem throwing around to their bloated ego maniac players who usually squander all their earnings on fast women and fast cars anyway.  It is only mid-season and have the teams gotten any good results from their investments yet? There weren’t any true mega-deals this year, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of money thrown around in NFL free agency.  How are the top 10 players who cashed in faring with their new teams?

Wide Receiver Mike Wallace of the Miami Dolphins contract gives him over a five year period $60 Million dollars with $30 Million dollars guaranteed which is $12 Million dollars per year no matter what he does on the field.  His numbers so far is 30 catches for 398 yards and one touchdown through seven games so far.  That can’t be what the owners expected. I think the old journalist is still more famous than this rich one touchdown football guy.

The next highest paid football player is Wide Receiver Greg Jennings of the Minnesota Vikings  who has a five year contract paying him $45 Million dollars with nearly $18 Million dollars guaranteed giving him $9 Million per year.  Great money considering he has on catch for 9 yards in his reunion with the Green Bay Packers.  My Mom could have a better record than that and I am old now.

Look next at  Left Tackle Jake Long of the St. Louis Rams.  His contract is for four years at $34 Million dollars with $16 Million guaranteed at $8.5 Million per year.  According to ProFootballFocus.com, this guy has allowed four sacks which is among the most for any left tackle and 18 additional hits/pressures.  I don’t need to pay someone millions of dollars to let me get sacked the quarterbacks must be saying.

There is more. Andy Levitre of the Tennessee Titans has a six year contract for almost $48 Million dollars that is $16 Million dollars guaranteed for almost $8 Million dollars per year.  The Titans needed to shore up one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines in front of young quarterback Jake Locker.  Levitre has been serviceable, but the team was expecting more than a running game that ranks 21st in the league.  Should we spend millions just to be ranked 21st? Hell no.

On Football Impactful Injuries
We haven’t even talked about the millionaires with injuries.  Guys like the Colts La Ron Landry with his four year $24 Million bucks has played in three games because of injuries.  Another guy, New England’s Patriots Danny Amendola with his five year $28 Million dollar pay day has appeared in four games because of multiple injuries .recording only 19 catches for a mere 174 yards and no touchdowns.  This former Ram has appeared in 16 games since the start of the 2011 season.

Imagine being in a world where you get to bank multiple digits of millions of bucks and not have to work for it in over two years.  Besides that, is playing football really a job? Heck I play that every Thanksgiving on the front lawn with all the college kids and I survive with no injuries.  God Bless America the land of opportunity for ball playing gamers.  You hungry kids in Africa, man up and just spit out those flies in your hungry mouths.  Find a way to America. We will pay you millions of bucks for frankly not much.

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