Sunday, November 3, 2013

I just love good old fashioned competition so that the general public can have options.  Who can compete with the Apple giant of great products?  Not many companies have succeeded in capturing the hearts and minds and hands of people all over the world like Apple has. The I four and I five Phones are still the greatest till now.  I say this because I love all the new services Google have provided us recently in particular the Google Chrome search engine.

Recently Google has revealed its new Nexux 5 Smartphone.  The device has a 5 inch screen and a new camera that reduces blur.  Now who wouldn’t want more inches and less blur in their lives and most of all it is different from what Apple offers.  Best of all is that the phone is tightly integrated with Google search and Google now. Their technology is great as a personal assistant technology through the Chrome screen. 

Nexus 5 which Google developed with LG, comes with a new camera that corrects for small hand movements to reduce blur.  I used to love taking pictures with those long lenses heavy Nikon cameras because there was something to hold onto and take a steadier picture with.  Now everyone just takes a picture with their phone camera and just hopes for the best  New camera software helps users take better photos in difficult situations such as low light with fast moving subjects.

The device comes in black and white and costs $349 dollars for a 16 GB  unlocked version or $399 dollars for 32 GB.  That is cheaper than Apple’s new I Phones.  The I  Phone 5C, the cheaper of the two new Apple phones costs $549 dollars  for a 16GB version that comes without a wireless contract.  This is a cutting edge device at a great price  so why isn’t everyone running out to buy it?  I don’t know.
I think this product will do well in other parts of the world where price is particularly important and where there are fewer contracts to subsidize expensive phones and where people have less money to spend on  a costly unlocked device. Sundar Pichai, who heads Google’s Android business says one of the company’s major goals  for 2014 is to get its Android mobile operating system in the hands of the next billion users .I LOVE PEOPLE WITH GOALS IN LIFE WOW. 

Pinchai also said that in emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia and Mexico known as BRIM internationally, at Google, Android is growing at three times the rate in developed countries.  Good luck to them and let them get hooked on the craze to always be chasing after the latest and greatest device out there like all Americans are consumed doing all the time.

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