Monday, May 20, 2013

What is with the double standard of forgiveness when it comes to our most sleaziest lying to their wives affair seeking politicians? The South Carolina country folk has forgiven their Republican Mark Sanford who was cheating and lying on the Appalachian Trail with his mistress forgetting about his wife and 5 kids at home. But the sophisticated Manhattan people of New York can’t forgive the wiener photo sending on the Internet of their Democrat Anthony Weiner who had a pregnant wife at the time and did not give him the green light to run for political office. Both had originally resigned from their political offices due to sexual scandals.

Weiner was caught masturbating on line or as most husbands say, Don’t come in the room I’m paying the bills on line!.” Anthony Weiner recently told us all that he wishes to run for Mayor of NYC. Meanwhile, Mark Sanford who was disappearing from his office in the past to have weeks on end affairs in Argentina with his hot Spanish girlfriend, has already run the primary for his old seat as Governor. Although I don’t endorse either politician, face it, while Weiner was only asking people to thumbs up like the picture of his junk on Face book. His political future is still very much in doubt.


So, it brings us to the question of why is redemption or forgiveness always so much easier for Republicans than Democrats? Well maybe because Republicans are the Christian party. They are constantly bringing up their religion with political views from everything from creation theories to weather disasters. Their God always has something to do with it. Besides, there is nothing Christians love more than a redemption story. So, you must sin to be saved.

Sanford said he asked Jesus to forgive and Jesus said sure whatever dude. Well, It shouldn’t be a surprise because I never heard of Jesus ever turning one down in the forgiveness department. I have never heard a Christian tell me they asked Jesus for forgiveness and Jesus saying, no, not now, I’m still really mad at you. Jesus is like Rhianna, no matter how bad you treat her, she still loves you. It worked with Sanford. Not only was he forgiven he had his mistress with him at his side during his most recent acceptance speech.

It doesn’t make sense. He gets up there and tells the public I have sinned, I have made a terrible mistake, it’s the worst thing I ever did and by the way, here she is standing right behind me, my mistress. I guess that is the great thing about being in the Christian party. He can say thank goodness he has Jesus who hates sin but loves sinners to forgive. But, Anthony Weiner, he is Jewish so no forgiveness for him. He doesn’t even believe in Jesus. He just believes in the first book of the Bible, The Old Testament nothing New.

Liberal do not buy into the prayer thing. When Bill Clinton goes to a prayer breakfast he is going for the food. Our instant communication lets everyone know everything before you even get a chance to change your clothes of body fluids. We have revealed that America is a nation of perverts. Thanks to the Internet, Instagram, Twitter, Craig's List and Texting we are sending everything everywhere and thinking about if we did the right thing only after we did it.

So what if Anthony Weiner sent a photo of his package to some chick he’s never met. Who hasn’t ? A dick Pict. Is the new business card. Sending crotch shots are the norm in this party all the time age. Facebook should change it’s name to Sit On My Facebook. A woman Christen Bell had to end her political career because a picture surfaced on Facebook revealing her drinking and sucking her husbands nose. Yes I said Nose not even his hose.

Someday there will be an embarrassing picture cybering everywhere of everyone. We have to at least be honest about anything we say or do and justify the why and how we did it. Times change even our moralistic attitude in politics too.


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