Friday, May 17, 2013

We all want to make money. So in order to earn the most money forget about these per hour jobs. With those you just count the hours of your life away just to find out that most of your paycheck is gone anyway to automatic deductions. The way to make real money is to find something that costs little money and sell it for big profits. It is no big secret. It has been in your hand when you were even a small child. It is popcorn.

Yes, pop goes the cash registers for movie theaters that sell pop corn and they all do sell the stuff. In fact the biggest money maker at movie theaters last year wasn’t from a comic book like the movie The Dark Knight Rises batman movie that brought in $448 Million dollars or The Amazing Spider Man movie that made $262Million dollars or even Steven Spielberg’s historic Lincoln movie that taught us history for $134 Million dollars.

The biggest money maker at the movies didn’t even involve werewolves or vampires like the latest Twilight movie called Breaking Dawn Part 2 that brought in $286 Million dollars. The number one moneymaker at the movie theater was the concession stand. That brings in about 4 Billion dollars a year now. They are totally unregulated and can charge any amount of money they want for their snacks and they do. So, remember to bring an equal or more amount of money that you will pay for a ticket to also cover the cost for a snack.

It isn’t even called a snack anymore. The newest theaters have large leather recliners and 3D Movies and offer waitress services of gourmet foods. Save up even more money to pay for that experience. The most profitable food snack sold at the concession stand is popcorn. Each year Americans eat on average about 13 gallons of popcorn, most of it consumed at the movie theaters. The bag you pay $5.00 at the stand only costs the theater 50 cents. That is an amazing profit on your investment as a theater owner.

Read the book on Popcorn by Andrew F. Smith called Popped Culture. It is a social history of Popcorn in America. He writes that movie theaters early on had no snack bar and no interest in popcorn. The buildings had grand lobbies with ornate stonework and beautiful elegant chandeliers hanging from their high ceilings. The buildings were adorned with gorgeous rugs and large attractive staircases where one could display their elegant clothes they wore for their theater experience so the last thing they wanted was a bag of greasy popcorn to carry around.

Then the Depression of the 1920’s came along and a lot of the elegant theaters closed. They found out that if they lowered the admission fees they could make a larger profit if they could sell snack foods to supplement the lowered admission price. Popcorn was cheap and plentiful. It not only saved movie theaters but also played a role in what was aired on the screens. Soon it was discovered that movies for children also sold the most popcorn. It sure helped in the promotion of Disney movies.

Grownups also ate lots of popcorn during suspenseful dramas. It is quite an accomplishment for a snack that really doesn’t have much flavor. So, now they pump that yellow stuff on the popcorn in your bag. They might advertise it as buttered popcorn but in reality that stuff is mostly soybean oil and salt. The saltier the popcorn the more you will be thirsty and will spend even more money on sweet soda. That is just more profits for the theater owners. The soda from those machines are cheap to get too for them.

So, when your new sneakers stick to the floor while you try to get to your seat covered in greasy popcorn stuff and spilled sweet soda on your new shirt, thank a theater owner for that movie experience you can not get anywhere else as he laughs all the way to the bank with your money. If you made a trail of popcorn from New York City to Los Angeles, it would take more than 352,028,160 popped kernels. I’m more interested in the nut job who compiled that statistic. I guess I am a bit crazy for repeating it too.

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