Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Being Gay is Natural. Condemning Gays is a Lifetime Choice

I spoke before about that there weren’t any openly gay people in contact sports. We all know Martina the tennis player from the 80’s and I reported on a gay boxer and there was an international soccer player but no one in America coming out till now. In all people they all has the common feeling that they were not at peace with themselves keeping the secret of their sexuality. They felt that even in some cases getting married to a sex of someone that society would accept felt unnatural to them. They feel natural being gay.

January 23rd of this year I spoke about Orlando Cruz who came out in the boxing world . Now all of a sudden gays are revealing their true sexuality at their sports jobs. Gay people in team sports now are revealing themselves. The new generation could care less who one decides to sleep with. It is the older supposedly religious rites that are highly critical. An NBA player a center shocked the world by coming out; his name is Jason Collins. He spent 12 years at his job keeping his secret.

Who cares? Well, this guy will forever have the distinction as being the first active NBA player to come out that is all. We also care because the sports world is the last place where homo-phobia was acceptable. It is also about breaking stereotypes and masculinity although there are some very masculine gay men out there. I think Jason got a lot of media coverage because he came out during the playoffs when all eyes are on the excitement of a huge basketball championship. It is also unique that he wasn’t exposed by anyone. He decided to come out in his own words and because of that made it to the cover of Sports Illustrated as “The Gay Athlete.” Now he is famous to people who don’t follow basketball.

Even if he came out in a gay magazine it wouldn’t have had the same impact. Meanwhile if you are
 a successful aggressive female athlete, everyone assumes she must be a lesbian and there is no astonishment no matter what her sexual preference really is. That is because it is men that are the most homo-phobic and frankly men love to watch women kiss. Ok, bad joke.

Maybe the rest of the gay players will still be shy and just wait and see what happens to his career. He is a free agent now and we will just wait and see if he will be picked up by a team to play for next year. It is a shame if he is picked up because he is or is not gay. In a world where nepotism runs ramped, at least in sports you will be chosen by your performance record since it is all based on wins and the best numbers.

So then let’s discuss the numbers. Statistics say that 4% of the nation is gay. If we try to put that into perspective. There are 400 NBA players so do the math and you have 15 gay players. Congress has 525 members so 25 of them are gay. Why don’t the Catholic church expose their gay population too? Should we even have to go through these numbers? Who cares what or who you do in your bedroom?






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