Tuesday, March 12, 2013

She is a skinny girl who claims she is so real. All I know is that she is a wealthy girl for doing well, I have no idea what exactly she is rich or famous for but she is. Her name is Bethenny Frankel. Three years ago she became famous for being a cast member on the reality show The Real Housewives of New York. Today she is in a 5 million dollar apartment in Manhattan overseeing her empire of Skinny Girl products. Yes she has branded herself.
Her New York apartment is headquarters for her Skinny Girl product empire and she has already made it to the cover of Forbes Magazine as the representative of the new celebrity money makers. She is selling everything from booze to books making deals on her kitchen phone while her two year old daughter is merrily making noise in the background. Most men would cringe at the thought of doing anything in the kitchen business wise with their young child squealing in the background.
The books are Naturally Thin, The Skinnygirl Dish and Skinnydipping among other titles. There are also skincare products and underwear products and anything Skinnygirl is huge now. Bethenny wants it all to be huge. The girlfriend factor is key to her success with her more than a million twitter followers. All her followers consider her as their BFF, yeah their best friend forever.
Frankel’s first reality TV appearance was back in 2005 when she tried for a job as Martha Stewart’s apprentice. She didn’t win the job on that show but three years later she was asked to be a member of the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City. She was a single girl struggling to make it as an entrepreneur so, she was hardly a housewife. She says that being on that show was the best decision of her life. What a bitch! What Mother doesn’t say that having her daughter IS the best decision of her life?
It was while she was on the show that she was distilling her business ventures. Using the show to promote her Skinnygirl Margarita was a slick way to get free advertising for her products. Fans soon became as curious as the recipe for her drinks as they were for the show itself. In 2009 she started bottling the concoction and in 2011 she sold the Skinnygirl booze to a global company.
Bethenny Frankel is the IT girl of reality TV. With the $100 million sale of her Skinnygirl drinks she is now one of Hollywood’s leading entrepreneurs. She is a smart girl too in that she retained the Skinnygirl name so she can promote other products using the name she has already promoted. She promoted her Tangerine Vodka, Cocanut Vodka, California White and Skinnygirl Red wine.
She is currently divorcing her husband and is looking forward to her independence. Being a child of divorce, she describes her own early years as less than ideal. Her step-father trained racehorses so she was at the track working when she was 7 years old helping out. Money would come and go quickly. She blames her craving for wealth because of the troubles she witnessed about money in her family life.
Frankel has not spoken to her mother in years but keeps in touch with her step-father despite the domestic violence she witnessed throughout their marriage. She attributes her ability to sting people to her mother. Her strong personality and ability to get in people’s faces quickly served her well on the show. Her time on Housewives was such a ratings success she was given her own shows. Bethenny Getting Married? And Bethenny Ever After.
I can’t believe I am even writing about this nonsense. It is just that she has become so wealthy. She has done everything on these shows from peeing in a champagne bucket wearing a wedding dress to details about her giving birth on camera. She was very open about troubles in her marriage and says she is not embarrassed about anything and in retrospect wouldn’t take anything back.
The reality show ended last spring and her marriage ended last month. She talked about the breakup on Ellen and no doubt will still be talking about it on her new talk show called Bethenny. The show is produced by Ellen and launches later this year. Frankel must have great marketing skills because not too many guests on talk shows are able to convince the host to invest in a possibly competing talk show for one of their guests.
If anything this woman is a professional example for all people to believe in themselves no mater how worthless they are. She believes in herself and has marketed herself to the limit and has a big bank account to fall back on every time she is shot down by someone or something. Could this skinny girl actually be an inspiration to all of us? Ugh.

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