Friday, March 15, 2013

Where have all the protesters gone or anyone who dared to write letters or make phone calls saying they are not going to take it anymore? Well, If you dared to do it repeatedly to a government office, you are probably going insane right now. It is widely believed now that we the people can and are being tortured my microwave noises given off radio towers near our homes. Many protesters have been experiencing the same irritating symptoms of discomfort coming from their head.
The government has the warfare to be able to control your mind. It is the product of research and development that began in 1953 from the Central Intelligence Agency that was recently used on the Iraqi soldiers when thousands simply put their guns down and surrendered; but now our CIA is using this same type of warfare on annoying American citizens to get them to stop their activities.
It can be a continuous psychological torture. Complaints seem to be increasing from targeted individuals. Now, instead of this weapon used to protect us, it is being used to control us. Microwave radio towers exist all over the country and were built as a nationwide network for communication in case of nuclear war but now it’s powerful energy waves are suspected to be part of a secret government way to use the microwaves to control or at least interfere with our thoughts.
A Dr. Terry Robinson has received many similar complaints from his patients and he believes that they are victims of what is known as psychotronic weapons which is brain manipulation from a distance used by communication technologies. He has worked with a group of over 1,000 individuals who consider themselves targeted individuals. They are literally going crazy. They represent a highly intelligent group where over 50% have a college degree and 12% have post-graduate degrees. The consistency is that the symptoms are the same for all of them.
Caroline Crowley from KPVJU News is a reporter on air who experienced an episode where she suddenly was saying gibberish a series of syllables that did not make words. Even Judge Judy claims to have episodes of uncontrollable things happening. Offending a political insider is usually the case for becoming a targeted individual. There are even businesses opening up now like BLOCK EMF which is a place that sells products to help protect one from electric magnetic radiation.
Most of the products are meters to measure the electro magnetic radiation in the air or materials to help prevent it from entering your body. They will stock everything from protective detergents for your cloths to rubberized paint for your walls. The towers give off a microwave beam as if it is a sound wave. The practice of synthetic telepathy being used has been patented by the Air Force to be used as a mind control weapon. It was called MK Ultra which was the CIA’s brain washing program that fed people LSD that turned soldiers into assassins.
The program was exposed and supposedly shut down in the 1970’s but it is believed to be updated and used widely now on complaining Americans. The towers giving off the microwave beams are called 
GWEN representing a Ground Wave Emergency Network. Years ago during experimentation they used to put a transmitter in a person’s sinus cavity and was hard wired into your brain since then the project has been moved to another agency and the microwave technology has been implemented. They send things through the air waves and can target an individual or large groups as well; mass populations through an electromagnetic pulse.

The pulse can mimic human brain waves creating anxiety and pain. The government has leased out or sold the bottom of the towers for cell phone use but retain the top of the towers for government use. Instead of being used to protect us it is being used to control us. It is being used to squelch dissent. Dr. Robert Duncan has advanced degrees from MIT the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard and went from those schools directly to the CIA. He is the creator of the current technology. He now claims to have been a simpleton and did not know how the technologies would be put together.
Technology is neutral. It can be used for good or evil. This is the ultimate weapon because it is worse than abuse it is torture. It is part of the world domination strategy. Control the population subconsciously to consciously. That is the motive for the use.

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