Sunday, March 10, 2013

They are at it again. Yes our ultra rich and shifty politicians are creating a utopia for themselves in case of disaster now all over the United States. I wrote about a place that was built in the Ozark region back on December 12, 2012. The Ozark is the region that encompasses parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma. The post began, are you invited? Well we still aren’t invited. Now the Stock Market has reached it’s all time high and the profits are going right in the pockets of the wealthy and they are protecting themselves in case of disaster.
FEMA has underground bunkers or housing in Mount Weather, Virginia. A place for the Washington elite to hide in case of a bombing or natural disaster on the surface of the earth. It is a big fortress where thousands of people can be housed for continuity of the government. Keep our government running while cities possibly burn above ground. Yes a select few will be safe while the rest of us are left behind to deal with the chaos. Entrances to underground military bases have been located all over America.
In the middle of Kansas some civilians are also preparing for an extreme disaster. On old military bases there are underground silos that used to house nuclear bombs pointed at Russia. Now, they are being converted to be underground shelters. They are being marketed as Survival Condos. These are places that used to house intercontinental nuclear missiles. If they were to reproduce such a super structure like this today it would cost 50 to 60 million dollars. The silos reach down to 184 feet into the ground. The walls and the overhead cap are nine feet thick.
Just one half of the door weighs 150,000 pounds. It is made of concrete and goes down 14 stories deep. This structure would survive almost anything you could imagine. They have a pool level on the bottom then a mezzanine level, a workout gym level, six living area levels, a farming level to grow fruits and vegetables under artificial lighting, even a level to raise animals for food consumption, and water purifying systems. A true self sustaining place for a period of time.
It is powered by wind turbines and geo thermal heat exchanges and is an incredibly energy efficient structure. The place offers so many comforts it is hard to believe that it is a place to avoid a disaster. The instability of government leaders in the world and the greed by the super wealthy is creating interest in these types of cautionary places to own. No one can ever feel save enough these days. Even our religious leaders decide to retire during the most sacred time of their religious year. Who can we turn to for stability and comfort in our lives anymore?
It is a known fact that in case of a disaster there are not enough shelters to house the billions of people that inhabit the earth so the selective planning occurs and it is based solely on power and wealth as to who gets to be saved first. Over the last 10 years the U.S. government has been on a shelter building boom. It is even believed that an airport was built over a giant shelter to act as a lid over the place. They are built with a concept of balanced survivability.
They are being designed to be able to withstand being completely submerged under water for 100 hours. Also, to be able to withstand fires to 1,200 degrees of heat for 6 days. The largest know bunker is funded by government money and is about 300,000 square feet large. It’s construction has largely gone undetected because at the time of construction an airport was being constructed right above it.
Many people believe it is the Denver Airport that went way over budget when construction of the place was in full force. What is odd about the new airport is that it is 25 miles farther away from the city. That is 19 miles farther away than the old airport. They have a fueling system with more tanks for fuel than any airport would ever need and an extensive fiber optic system, The place is much more than terminals and airstrips. The place has underground tunnels and is just about twice the size of Manhattan with no construction above the land. Just a lot of open land. There is 58,000 square miles of vacant land surrounding the airport.

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