Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let’s have a story about white people helping black people for a change instead of how they were all decedents of slaves. I find it interesting that Africa is a beautiful place full of exotic animals and the earth there full of precious diamonds and gems but yet most of the place is full of starving people living in the mud. Is it true that South Africa looks great with thriving neighborhoods simply because mostly white people settled there? It is about time the Black African people stop fighting and start farming and earning their own money.
There is nothing better on a cold winter’s day to warm you up than a hot cup of chocolate. Interestingly, the coca bean of chocolate just happens to grow in Africa meanwhile most native African people don’t even know what a chocolate bar is. An American chocolate company is currently charging five dollars a bar to help private chocolate farmers half way around the world in Africa to produce more product.
Chocolate is rich, velvety, dark and smooth that simply melts in your mouth. In a Seattle, Washington chocolate factory they are packaging chocolate bars that come from beans grown in the Congo region of Africa. The owners of the company feel that everyone in the whole supply chain should be better off as a result of the delicious food that we all eat and share with the people we love especially on the chocolate holiday of Valentine’s Day. Well, it should be a holiday.
The company is called Theo Chocolate run by white people buying their chocolate beans from Black people. They pay the Black farmers 2 to 3 times more the going price for the beans from other suppliers. They buy the expensive beans from the Democratic Republic of Congo or known as the DRC. I thought chocolate always came from Swiss people even though I know not much could be growing on those frosted mountains in Europe.
These beans come from farmers in Africa or from Indonesia and in Central or South America, the only place the beans can grow. The group of White people believe that Americans will be willing to pay more for the Theo Congo chocolate if they know that they will be helping impoverished farmers improve their businesses with the extra cash. Why ? Who cares?
Well, the actor and director of the hit new movie Argo, Ben Affleck cares. He has been traveling to the hot area close to the equator where the beans grow since 2009 when Ben started a charity called Eastern Congo Initiative to create economic development in this part of the world which is a war torn region. Five million people have died there due to decades of conflict.
Affleck used his celebrity to act as a currency to attract investment from rich white people. He led these investors to tour the jungles surrounded by armed guards to see where the coco beans grow and where the farmers struggle. The coco industry in the Congo of Africa has potential if the value can be increased. The charity has been working with the farmers to improve the quality of the crop.
The coco bean grows in greenish yellowish pods that must be sliced open to find a slimy white covered bean that must be washed and dried. Theo chocolate company is going to buy 340 Tons of the beans from the farmers creating a dependable export market. An investment in an area not far from where rebels recently took over a city. Luckily, the coco bean is known as a militia resistant crop. The rebel soldiers don’t know what to do with the stuff.
The beans usually are not stolen by rebels because they are worthless without all the processing that is necessary to turn them into chocolate. There should be a connection between farmer and consumers because that is where change could happen. Yes change in the relationships between blacks and whites and indulging in chocolate where it can actually help someone

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