Thursday, February 14, 2013

It is Valentine’s Day a day to reflect on who loves you and who you love. Hopefully you are lucky enough to wake up to a beautiful woman waiting for you in a black sexy teddy wanting to give you love for hours. If not, too bad. Dream about a lover to give you all you want and need. Dream about all the love you have to offer someone. I grew up listening to a song called Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel. Now there is a song by the same title but sung by a guy called Bruno Mars. Both songs are about just loving someone for who they are. Nothing has changed in the love department over the years.
Bruno’s videos have been viewed a staggering 1 Billion times on U tube. Not bad since at one time he was dumped by a big record label. He is a musical melting pot of styles. He sings pop, rock and reggae style songs. He is a short guy who always wears a Fedora hat and today I am sure everyone is playing his songs and thinking about someone they love even if you have never even seen them.
“When I see your face, there is not a thing that I would change because you’re amazing just the way you are.” Now who would object to a man singing that? So, of course he is loved by all. He will say that he is just a singer but he has women falling in love with his smile and his songs everywhere. Just two years ago no one ever heard of him. In a Michael Jackson kind of pitched voice he sang about catching a grenade for ya and that made everyone notice him.
Grenade and Just The Way You Are both reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart becoming two of the big bestselling singles of all time. His debut album sold 5 Million copies. He was Billboard’s Top Male Artist last year and recently he released his second album called Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox. Buy the album for your lover today or just buy it for yourself and dream of your perfect lover on Valentine’s Day.
He is 27 years old born in Honolulu, Hawaii and seems to have it all already even after just his first album. He is one happy man and admits it. Bruno was born Peter Gene Hernandez to a Puerto Rican father and a Filipino mother. His Dad nicknamed him Bruno after a popular restaurant . Bruno added Mars years later. He has 5 siblings where music was always the family business. His father put on Las Vegas kind of shows where even his uncle participated in entertaining groups of people as Elvis.
Bruno loved that part of the show and as early as at age 6 he was performing as little Elvis in the shows back in 1992. He has a cameo performing as Elvis in the movie Honeymoon In Vegas. After that he had the inspiration for the song, “I want To Be A Billionaire so Friggin’ Bad.” At age 18 he started a band called Sex Panther with his brother and moved to Los Angeles. They performed any place that would have them. Places like Pickwick’s Pub in LA’s San Fernando Valley.
He thought he had a deal with Motown Records and left Pickwick’s but it turned out that he was fired from Pickwick’s and Motown dropped him too without ever putting out an album. So, don’t feel sorry for yourself even a great guy like this had bad luck even when he had so much confidence in himself. It was the worst time of his life to have to call his Mom and Dad and tell them he was no longer a signed artist and he has to rethink his whole life as to what he is going to do with it.
He was so broke he was selling his guitars to pawn shops. Bruno did not want to go back to Hawaii wearing those tree shirts singing Elvis songs again. So he teamed up with other established song writing artists like Philip Lawrence. Their goal was to write a hit song that would change their lives. They wrote “Beautiful Girl” All Over the World. Then to top that he co-wrote the Cee Lo Green hit “Forget You.”
Finally, Bruno got a label and with his Just The Way You Are song he won a Grammy one of 13 nominations over the past two years. So, now he is a rich star and someone many people love today. See, a good story on Valentine’s Day.

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