Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There must be a lot of women out there who have been done wrong by their men lately because that woman who sings about sad stuff is very rich now. Years ago it was a man’s world where he was the aggressor in finding a mate. Now If a woman wants something she is aggressive and takes it and does not care what other women they leave hurting. So, it is the ordinary woman like Adele that finally stands up and without much fanfare has the courage to speak her mind and simply says, there take him, I don’t care anymore.
She is one of the most talented and distinctive performers recently. She quite honestly tells her story of her life in her music. I guess as a therapy to help her get over a big breakup in her life. It is horrible when you can identify with her lyrics. The singer Adele is a 24 year old British singer that is a industry great that happens upon maybe once in a generation. Her sophomore album has sold more than 25 Million copies. Could there be 25 Million women out there scorned by their lovers?
There were 10 Million copies of that album sold in the United States alone. It spent more weeks at number one than any album in the past 20 years. Unlike most female singers today she doesn’t walk the stage like Beyonce did at the Super Bowl. No fancy light show around her. No fireworks being blown off on stage. She doesn’t wear just a dance skin for an outfit proudly showing off a camel toe while shaking her ass all over the place. No, Adele stands there and sings you a song.
Let me say that again more graciously. Unlike most female singers of today, she is not selling herself with runway model looks or provocative clothes and has no gimmicks added to her music. No synthesizers or voice changers. Her popularity is due simply to the strength of her voice and the emotional connection so many people have to her music.
She sings, ”You Could Have Had It All”
“You Had My Heart and Soul”
She wrote this song “Rolling In The Deep” two days after breaking up with her boyfriend. When she toured she wasn’t afraid to refer to her ex boyfriend as a fuckin prick to large audiences.
She sings, “Never mind I’ll Find Someone Like You”
“Sometimes it Lasts the Love but Sometimes It Hurts Instead”
This from her song “Someone Like You” which has become like an anthem which is also about the man who broke her heart. The song is incredibly sad and her fans cry along to her story. You will feel it too if you go through a serious breakup.
She did not write the songs to attract fans. She wrote the songs to feel better about herself. It was an effort to realize that she will meet someone else and will be happy again. Maybe someone could even rekindle the love they once had for their husband or wife. No matter the relationship, as we approach Valentines Day we think of the people in our lives that we really love and wonder have we really loved them?
Since the fame of her sad album she has met a new love and is very happy. She has not been performing lately because she had to undergo surgery to remove a polyp that was growing on her vocal chords and have them sewn a bit. She is no longer the chubby plain girl with straight reddish hair. She has had a makeover and now wears shapely clothes, is blond with heavy makeup but somehow it works and she is still our Adele.
She found Simon Konecky who is a tall dark handsome British entrepreneur who runs a charitable foundation. Yeah, a great guy who gives money to the poor. Now she is unsure she can write songs while being madly in love. Should she break up with this guy so she can write another sorrowful album? No, I think the public has heard of enough sorry songs and needs to cheer up. It might just be a boring running theme and we might all say we have had enough of that so now cheer up.
“Rumor Has It She Don’t Have Your Love Anymore”

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