Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jeremy Irons is one of the last true actors left on the screen these days. He is British and married to a woman from the Irish Redgrave Dynasty of actresses and spent half his life perfecting the art of acting in repertory theater not like the dozens of people we roll off their names off our tongues these days whose fame and fortunes are made from unscripted reality shows.
He has had leading roles with some of our most respected actors and actresses but now he is involved in a role as narrator for a subject that should be a concern to all of us. He is narrating a documentary called Trash. In the film he goes on to remind us that historically we used to bury our trash. Now we don’t dig we just dump. He notices that waste from the ancient Lebanese city, of Cedia has become and uncontrolled dump on the outskirts of the city.
What was a sandy beach has been replaced by a trash mountain well over 43 yards in height. It is not just about these extreme situations, waste is everywhere. America produces 1% of the world’s trash and recycles 15% of that. California recycles 80% of it’s trash which is fantastic but it is a problem that has exploded in 1945 after the second World War when we started to have a throwaway society.
Plastics are the base of the problem but there are also other things that produce toxic toxins. It is very difficult to get rid of it safely. We should produce less of it. So, when you go to the supermarket and say buy fresh orange juice, choose the paper carton over the plastic container and the corporations will get the message real fast if you stop buying things packaged in plastic containers.
We certainly shouldn’t be burning plastics because the dioxins go up in smoke and comes right back to earth in our soil and is in our food chain. It is then stored in our fat. The only way to get rid of dioxins for a woman is when you give birth. They all collect in the un born child and now there is no wonder why we have more children with attention deficit disorder, with autism and allergies.
The film is not just a message of doom, it tells us that the problem is very easily curable but it is a very big problem. The seas are full of plastic and the fish are eating plastic. We are eating the fish and we are the cause of the problem and now we are the problem with the destruction of even our children as well as the destruction of earth’s beautiful sea shores and what was once clean clear waters.
The film is getting an amazing reaction all over the world and reminds people that it is an easily curable problem. Do we want more sick kids being born? Or, do we want a clean environment, healthy food and beautiful smart children? Why are people so stupid in thinking that precautions are bad and tolerance is good? I don’t want any more sick kids killing other people because they were born with problems.
Maybe the success of the film has to do with the fact that there is a serious guy with an English accent narrating the film. They can say anything and people pay attention. His son is 25 years old and has acting contracts already. He apparently doesn’t need years of schooling to learn the art of acting because he is from this generation and not from Jeremy’s. His son will be having the leading role in a series called the White Queen for the Stars network.
When Jeremy was 48 years old he stopped acting to restore a medieval tower house in Ireland that consumed 6 years of his life although he only stopped acting for 2 years. He still lives in the restored residence today. He describes it as being in ruins since 1683 but now a wonderful place to be. It is located near in West Cork, Ireland.
Kilcoe Castle is near Ballydehob, and only someone who enjoys isolation and the odd wallow would be comfortable living there. While it is remote, it is a location of breathtaking beauty. The twin towers of the castle rear 100ft into the skyline, perched on an outcrop of land overlooking Roaring Water Bay.
Jeremy Irons was born 60 years ago in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, the son of a tax consultant. He boarded at Sherborne public school, where a teacher suggested he join the armed forces -- a career path he declined to follow. He has become one of America’s most respected and loved actors of our generation.

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