Sunday, January 20, 2013

The President and New York’s Governor passed laws all of a sudden and at the same time to prevent guns being available to citizens. We all know that law abiding citizens do not break laws, it is the crazy people that break laws. We need crazy people laws to be passed . Open the files and no confidentiality for people that have been diagnosed with some kind of crazy. Allow prosecutors to present a mental illness in court.
We all still think of those innocent children being murdered in Newtown, Connecticut and shake our heads in disgust. How can the lawmakers and doctors allow people with issues roam the earth freely? Who is next when their delusional minds snap? What happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School? What causes someone to commit such an atrocity? These questions still go unanswered because we don’t know the why but we do know strange people. We notice that and simply write it down in a file somewhere.
They knew that Adam Lanza the killer had a personality disorder. He was withdrawn, he had Autism, socially awkward and was fidgety and was said to be very smart. According to Dr. Brian Russell a Forensic Psychologist who is a Attorney as well, says, No, this is not the description of a violent person yet he managed to kill dozens of people within 10 minutes of time. Psychiatrist Dr. Alicia Salzer also says that Autistic people wouldn’t hurt a fly and they should not get a new label from this tragedy.
Many people with psychosis do have voices in their head ,delusions that tell them to hurt people for a variety of reasons and do go on to think about random violence. It is a pre-schizophrenic profile that you see in a young person that ultimately goes over the deep end into violence. It is a mental disorder characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and by poor emotional decisions.
They knew that Adam could light matches and put the flames on his fingers and did not feel pain. What made him go from trying to harm himself to harming others? According to Dr. Russell what you see as a common thread amongst all the recent cases is a malignity sociopathically narcissistic streak in these people that goes a long with that is separate and apart from whatever mental illness they might have. This is that sense of entitlement they might have to inflict whatever their own suffering or frustration, anger or rage or whatever may be onto innocent other people.
Why on children? Well these people are cowards and want to inflict the maximum amount of damage on others, so children are easy targets, and when the equals show up on the scene they usually end up killing themselves. There is a problem in the reporting of these people and there is a problem in the legal system. The public does not get to see what is in these psychiatric charts and the public needs to know with who they are dealing with.
It is known that about age 20 is when many patients have a psychotic break and all the recent disaster killings were done buy young men in their twenties. So even if you know someone is acting strangely and has documented charts on a possible disorder you bring the guy who is acting strangely to the emergency room, you get 72 hours. Then you got to go to Mental Health Court and you got to make a case that the person is a danger. So, that patient goes in front of the judge and he asks them, Are you planning on hurting people? And their lawyer that taxpayers are paying for has counseled them to say , Oh no sir. Are you going to go to outpatient? Yes sir. Gonna take your medications? Yes sir. And this crazy person is out on the streets again. To at least keep a crazy person away for up to 60 days requires a lot of evidence.
We need to treat these people as criminals not giving them a green light away from their lashing out crimes because of mental illness. We need early detection and early intervention to get crazy people under control. I agree with Doctor Alicia Salzer that a psychiatrist should be allowed to put someone on the National Register just because they are suspicious. If that takes away their automaty, so be it, too bad. We need to know these people before they do a crime and as neighbors and friends keep an eye on these uncontrollably sick people that medications sometimes can’t control.
Some states are set up that once a crazy is hospitalized they go on the register other states are not set up that way. Get a national background check available to all on the crazy people not the law abiding citizens that would not break any laws anyway.

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