Tuesday, January 15, 2013

He is unique because for a change he is a great football player who has a sense of humor and can talk. He was a Start Defensive End for the New York Giants for 15 years. Michael Strahan was a sack machine off the field and on the field taking out quarterbacks all the time. He wasn’t any skinny Wide Receiver that just ran down the field to get the ball and have the glory of the touchdown and he wasn’t the little Punter that came on the field occasionally to kick the ball maybe 50 yards. He was out in the open getting blocked or tackles someone on every play. No wonder now he loves his job occasionally bench pressing Kelly Ripa on a stupid talk show. Easy work for the money.
Michael Anthony Strahan is a former National Football League defensive end who spent his entire 14-year career playing with the New York Giants where he set the record for the most sacks in a single game. He moved into broadcasting after retiring from football in 2008 and surprised no one when he became a TV natural for pre game football chatter.
When his name surfaced as a possible morning talk show replacement for Regis Philbin it seemed to be too much of a stretch that no one thought of before. Now the show is called Live with Kelly & Michael and it seems to be a huge success. He is now a manly man that heads into a woman’s world by looking at the fans that line up to see that show.They are America’s housewives not their football loving husbands.
Michael says, “I feel more comfortable here and less nervous than I ever was running out of a tunnel at a game where I have to fight a big 350 pound guy. Walking out with little Kelly is a lot prettier than looking at a some ugly guy in a face mask that wants to kill me.” For a guy who made his life crushing Quarterbacks in the NFL, he is now being asked to not only host a morning show but to replace one of the most iconic talk show hosts in TV history.
Regis left the Live show last November after a run of almost 29 years. He lives one block from the TV studio. The stupid producer Gellman couldn’t give the old guy his 30 years? In the 9 months that followed, about 60 guest hosts filled his chair. Strahan stood out from the rest because he was willing to do anything and ad libbed in the most funny ways. The fact that he is so different and probably the most unlikely choice made him all the more appealing.
Michael got noticed on Regis’s show when he appeared as a guest after the 2008 Superbowl that the Giants won. Now he spends 5 days a week in NY and on weekends he goes to Los Angeles and still talks football on the FOX NFL Sunday show. Yes, he is still co-hosting Fox’s NFL pre game show which is where he first showed off his gift for gab despite his awful gaping holed buck teeth. It is a job he has held since retiring in 2008 and a job he intends to keep.
His divorce was ugly in the tabloids where they accused him of being an adulterer, gay and a abuser. Strahan denies all of that behavior and somehow his public image did not take such a hit. At age 40 Strahan is single but not for long. He and Nicole Murphy the former wife of actor Eddie Murphy are planning to be married sometime this year. He has been married twice before and says the first marriage was when he was too young and the second marriage was filled with other women. Now he is ready to settle down.
He has built an empire on being simply who he is. He loves having to show up somewhere and just to be able to have fun talking whether it is about football or about gossip. It is all easy fun. He is all comfortable in his skin and is personable to all. That gap in his teeth gives him no lack of confidence anywhere in life. We can all learn from him how to enjoy life and to be comfortable in your own skin.

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