Monday, November 19, 2012

Where are all the big mouth women these days? Throughout my life especially in the 70’s I know most of you weren’t even born yet. But in the 70’s we had Gloria Steinman saying to women to get out of the house and work for your own money. We had the Mary Tyler Moore Show that showed an independent woman making it out on her own we even had Helen Redy singing to us everyday her hit song something about watch me roar in numbers too many to ignore or something like that. The point is that women very vocally used to be fighting for their rights especially on the abortion issue. They should have the right to do whatever they want to do with their reproductive organs.
In this election we heard the Republican candidate and other men from that party putting out there very strange views and for the most part getting away with it. Ryan the vice-presidential candidate said that women shouldn’t make equal pay for an equal job. Really? Mitt Romney wanted to change the women’s right to choose law to that abortions are illegal without even thinking about who is going to raise these unwanted children. In all the discussions no one even mentions the role a father or should I say the sperm donors should be forced to do in raising all these unwanted kids.
The women should be revolting. Maybe they are just too tired from a full time job, still taking care of the kids and having to pay all the bills cause the bum left her anyway. Recently, a politician from Missouri, Tod Akin made a ridiculous statement about “legitimate rape” What the hell is that? He is not alone and not the only Republican to make outrageous statements belittling women. It is actually happening across the country and has been happening for a long time.
There is a Republican who was running for office in Wisconsin named Roger Revere was quoting his father and said,” some girls rape easy’ Really? Some how the Republican vote was neck to neck in the race for the presidency among women voters. Where was the public outrage from anyone no less from women in this election?
Could we blame the media in all this passiveness? The news chatter does spend time talking about the economy being the primary issue facing Americans. Then the social agenda is last on the list of things concerning Americans. Things like women’s issues like their health, access to contraception, freedom of choice issues that used to be so very important.
Yet women are 51% of the population and hold 57% of all higher educational degrees. Now 40% of women earn more money than their husbands and women still are the primary consumer source. Yes, women still do most of the shopping and should be an important player in discussing economic issues. They feed the economy with their buying choices.
So, why are women referred to as a separate issue? The number of children a woman chooses to have is an important issue too. Obviously, the more children a woman has the more money she needs in order to raise the child. Shouldn’t politicians take into account the economic issues when deciding to close places like Planned Parenthood and Abortion clinics? Should we have more women and children on welfare and food stamps? \
The major study by the CDC the Center for Disease Control concluded that women’s access to and the creation of contraception and the ability of a woman to control their lives was the greatest single health achievement of the 20th Century. It has contributed strongly to an economic plus. So. The idea of threatening the ability to control the reproductive lives of women is probably the greatest single factor threatening our economy.
Society doesn’t even hold men accountable of where men decide to leave their seamen. In fact if there is a child wandering around in the middle of the night in the street, law enforcement will put the mother in jail; rarely the father for child neglect. Places like Planned Parenthood does not use Federal funds for Abortions . In fact 93% of the money they receive goes into health care for the women and men. There are cancer screenings, giving mammograms, giving pap smears, for contraception, for basic health care. Only 7% goes for Abortion services . All of which is being funded privately.
There is not any federal or State funds going into these places so why was it an issue in the election at all? Meanwhile we are the only and the highest standard of health care available to women without resources in this country. In Texas in the last few months, Governor Perry turned down Federal money for family planning clinics and services. Since then it has forced already at least 180 thousand women to be without health care. Now, these women are going to Mexico to buy contraception and to get health care.
It is shameful that an American citizen has to go across the border to Mexico to get health care. Take care of our women after all they decided to have you and raised you.

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