Thursday, November 22, 2012

It is Thanksgiving Day and they tell us to be thankful of something or of someone or just eat some food that you don’t usually eat everyday; in other words, make the day special to you. Think of it as a day of reflection even if it is just some time to look in the mirror and if you aren’t ready to look at that, just take a brief look at your life so far. Now I’m not trying to get you all depressed but yes life can be very depressing if you let it get to your core.
When depression hits you, simple pleasures can hurt. Things like a bright sunrise can be so annoying when once you loved to be able to see the wonder of the giant sphere seemingly rise out of the earth. Even if you are lucky enough to receive a Birthday cake from the few that really love you. That can be annoying too because you are not seeking any attention from anyone. However, we need to reflect and still be thankful of life’s simple pleasures.
Sunrises shouldn’t hurt and simple pleasures shouldn’t hurt. The sadness, the anxiety and the loss of interest shouldn’t be there that even hello can hurt. When someone comes before you and says, Hi, How are you? Should you really tell them? No, that can take too long. Besides, how are you is more of an expression than a serious question. Do they really want to know how I am or is it just an extended greeting? Who knows, but we should be glad that someone took the time to ask and be thankful.
There can even be the loss of interest in celebrating holidays even as we are deluged with gift giving ideas in all media. Much of everyone’s depression can center around never having enough money in our pockets to buy stuff. Places in the North East just got hit with a major storm that took their lives away meanwhile they are alive. All their possessions were washed out to sea as nature burst holes in their homes and in their hearts watching their favorite chair get ruined and loosing all their photographs. But we need to be thankful that we are alive to help someone else and help ourselves to get a new chair and take new pictures.
You still have to deal with the aches and pains and fatigue when depression hurts. Cymbalta can help so says the commercial on TV with the soft soothing piano music. Hell No! I will not take that stuff or any other stuff. I will pull up my boot straps, whatever that means and pick myself up and look at the brighter things that life throws at us knowing that it is my life and I simply have to get through it somehow by myself. Stuff like depression drugs can only lead to addictions to prescription drugs.
Yes the brighter stuff like looking at that sunrise with awe instead of with annoyance that I have to face another day needs to be promoted. If the sun can rise every day despite all the awful stuff all the people of earth throw at each other and at the environmental pollutants trying to ruin things, I can rise each day and try to be happy and thankful of something.
The commercial for Cymbalta goes on to tell me the side effects of taking the drug. I am to tell my doctor if the depression worsens or if I am pregnant or nursing. Well, sure a woman should always be proud of the ability to give life and to be able to fortify life and drugs like Cymbalta should never enter your hands. Be thankful of your new physical condition and enjoy the joys of Motherhood.
If you experience unusual changes in behavior or thoughts of suicide do not take Cymbalta. Really? That stuff can possibly make me feel more depressed, act differently and possibly make me want to take my own life? Are you sure this Cymbalta stuff was supposed to help me alleviate my depression? Now I have to be thankful that I never asked for this stuff from my doctor.
They go on to say with the soft piano music continuing, that anti-depressants can increase these negative things in children, teens and young adults. So, all that tells me is to keep Cymbalta and anti-depression drugs away from my kids too. Cymbalta is not approved to be used for children under the age of 18. They are not done yet. People taking MAOI’s or tyrosine or uncontrolled glaucoma should not take Cymbalta.
There’s more. Taking it with pain relievers or aspirin or other blood thinners could increase a bleeding risk. Severe liver problems some fatal have been reported. REALLY! And they want me to ask me to get this stuff? They still aren’t done.
Signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eye problems. Look, I’m done. I don’t want any of these things happening at all. Today force yourself to have a Happy Thanksgiving enjoy life and be happy you simply must for survival and thank you for visiting me here and reading my rants. I am thankful for the thousands of people that have been here with me.

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