Saturday, November 17, 2012

As usual big lobbying corporate powers are taking over this country and now our health all in the interest of making more money for them. In this election California had a proposition simply asking that our foods should be labeled with what is in that product. You would think something like labeling stuff is a given. Not knowing what is even in our foods is a sure reason why Cancer and Allergies are a big problem in this country and why Americans are so fat and sick.
A big supporter of having our food labeled is Gary Hirshberg who is the Chairman & Co-Founder of Stonyfield Farms. He is also a co-author of “Label It Now” that is a book  about what you need to know about Genetically Engineered Foods. In California this past election a big issue was to Pass Proposition 37 which was about a law to be passed requiring food companies to label what went into making that product.
If you have ever shopped in Whole Foods you will see a lot of products to eat with the Stonyfield Label on it. Gary claims to have started his business with 7 cows and now it is a $4 billion dollar business. He is happy to be associated with the organic food industry that years ago did not even have that label associated with it. We all naturally assumed that all foods were organic and naturally grown .

Now that growing stuff naturally is practically gourmet food, the organic industry has grown 6 times faster than other industries to $30 Billion dollars a year. After all,  no consumer says give me the Yogurt that was made with more pesticides in it.  The proposition 37 rule isn’t even suggesting banning the use of pesticides when growing our foods, it is just asking to label our foods so the consumer knows what went into the soil and sprayed on the food plant during the growing process. Let Us Know What The Hell Is On My Food law.
What is wrong in letting the consumer know what is in the food? It should be an easy and expected thing. But no, the large companies that are genetically engineering your foods with pesticides and chemicals to get the perfect miracle grow experience has millions of dollars spent on lobbyist in Washington convincing the lawmakers that we don’t need disclosure so guess what? No the law did not pass this election. They decided you don’t need to know what is in your food.

The food companies spent a million dollars a day, about $41 million dollars throughout the election out spending the organic industry on campaign advertising before the election by about 4 to 1. California is just the start to this issue that effects all Americans across the country. The organic industry is also working on the FDA to get labeling on foods. I think it should have been a requirement of the Federal Drug Administration to enforce rules long ago.
These are rights that are in force in 50 countries around the world. Even Russia and China requires mandatory labeling on their food. You can read more about this issue at YesOn37.Org which was set up to spread the word before the election. Half the problem is that Americans are totally uninformed about what is important to them. All the advertising we saw before the election were about personal attacks against each other and few ads were about issues. My kids just went around the house saying yeah that guy is not good for the country and no one really knew why.
In 1996 when the first genetically engineered crops were planted, they were planted in corn and soy which is in 80% of any of your boxed processed foods. They are basically chemical companies that own these crops. They become new patented products. The main genes they have put into your corn and soy is a tolerance to herbicide tolerance and pesticide tolerance. So these added chemicals in your corn goes into your body and you got unwanted , unneeded chemicals doing harm in your body.
Companies like Dow and DuPont say they need Round Up sprayed on your food to increase the crop yields. They create seeds that are unaffected by the pesticides but hello we are affected and we have cancer and allergies now from our food now after 20 years of playing around with God’s soil and seeds. Like any drug the more you use the more you need so each year our food supply is laced with more of these harmful additives.

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