Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our reelected President noted that he was proud that the war in the middle east was over and that our brave soldiers are returning home. Most of these soldiers are very young even before the age of 25 with severe psychological problems some compounded with the loss of body parts. Does much of anything become accomplished on the battlefields anyway? Lately wearing a soldier’s uniform isn’t even a symbol of pride; it is more a sign telling the enemy , here I am kill me.
There seems to be a much more effective way to kill the enemy that has been used and is being explored more every day. Large armies are very expensive to maintain. It is much more effective to create assassins than armies. These are groups of people that have been taught to kill on command. Yes , soldiers are trained to do that too but an assassin will and can do it most effectively.
They are Manchurian Candidates, super soldiers, the government’s real life predators. The Manchurian Candidate is one who has been programmed, hypnotized, somewhat robotic who would do a political assassination or find anyone and kill them on orders from another. These people are never told why, they are simply told to eliminate someone. They are essentially programmed killers for our government. It is all about mind control where one has the ability to take over another person’s mind. No, this is not science fiction, it is possible.
Alan W. Scheflin is a top legal scholar, a college professor and the award winning author of books like The Mind Manipulators. He is a sought out professional in legal court room cases about mind control. His research seems to be indicating that the Central Intelligence Agency is in the process of creating a new kind of weapon. The brainwashed assassin is not a new idea. There were two movies made one staring a young Frank Sinatra and a novel written and many thought it was all make-believe.
The question remains, can they really take control over someone’s mind to the point where you are essentially a robot? The answer is, yes. The assassin doesn’t even have any information they are just caught up in the action and have literally no reason why they killed that famous person. The reason for this mind manipulation is to get someone killed by their own people from their own country.
Remember Sirhan Sirhan the guy who allegedly shot Bobby Kennedy in Los Angeles? A lot of people claimed that he was programmed. He stated that he couldn’t remember anything. How about Mark David Chapman the guy who killed John Lennon? He didn’t even try to escape. He had the opportunity to jump on the subway or run into Central Park in NYC but did nothing. He stood there, dropped the weapon, stepped back and stood there reading The Catcher In The Rye when the police arrived. Very weird behavior.
It is a brilliant way to do warfare. Forget wars involving lots of people. Just go for the world leader or the famous person you despise with a unassuming zombie like character who will carry out the mission with no regard whether they get caught or not. Dr. Colin Ross is a Mind Control Expert, a psychiatrist, who has written many books including Trauma Model Therapy who attests that the practice of mind control is alive and well today. Other books he has written include The Great Psychiatry Scam and Military Mind Control. He is involved in identity disorders and identifies a Manchurian Candidate as a person who has an artificially created multiple personality. One identity is given a mission, carries out the mission and if caught or interrogated, they have no memory of what they did so it keeps the information secure. Our CIA is involved in creating these kinds of human weapons.
Doctor Ross says he got his information directly from the source, the CIA. Looking back to the 1950’s and 1960’s it was called The MK ULTRA project. He used the Freedom of Information Act to get the information legally. MK stands for the division that was running the program of using innocent soldiers in the military that were told to show up somewhere and then they were used for experimation with electric shock therapy where their memories were completely wiped out.
Like the germ ware fare experiments and the radiation experiments of that time, the soldiers did not even know what they were reporting to; just following military orders. They were creating the Dr. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde personalities through hypnosis. You can be hypnotised into following orders to kill someone and then claim complete amnesia for your actions. Unlike a stage act you see for entertainment this is done over weeks and .months.
To create this human weapon the person undergoes hypnosis, sensory deprivation, sensory isolation, food and sleep deprivation, drugs, interrogation techniques all in the effort to create the perfect weapon out of uniform. James Kellogg, a Hypnotist can tell an assassin a name to remember and when he mentions that name the assassin will go and do the job he has been programmed to do. The hypnotist can plant key words in the subconscious and can simply call them up on the phone and mention the word and they will carry out the programmed order.
Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City Bomber claims that he has been implanted with a microchip and it is known that he had worked at a facility in Buffalo which was used for these mind control experiments in the 1950’s. This is of course all speculation but sounds like some sort of explanation of how individuals are doing very bad things to many people lately.
Our kids are fascinated with the subject of assassinations. One of the top selling video games is the Assassins Creed series which just came out with the 3rd game this time set in 1770 among the American Colonies. It has over 60 E3 nominations for best video action game. So, after spending hours every day playing this kind of stuff it is no wonder that by the time you are Timothy’s age you are ready to volunteer for mind games.
International journalist Jon Ronson wrote the book The Men Who Stare At Goats which is a book about the Army’s adventures into psychological warfare. MK ULTRA was done during the Castro era and it was partly about creating the programmed assassin. General Albert N. Stubblebine was head of Army Intelligence from 1980-1983 and he believed in using these techniques to create the perfect human weapon that the Cold War brought. This guy proves that the military did play with people’s minds. It was a product of the hysteria of that era.
We are still very paranoid when you read about the things that were done in Guantanamo and Abru grave and the General has no doubt that it is still going on now. So, how do you know where these people are? It is not like you can simply search assassin on the computer, they look like you or I or your son or daughter. Lets just hope they are protecting us and not making us their target.

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