Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ok, so we have given Obama another 4 years to fix this country. All we are sure of is the fact he bailed out and recovered many of the large companies that contributed to many Americans to loose their homes to foreclosure. No bail out money was given for each homeowner. I believe that there has been a sinister plot by choice people in our government aligned with a few large corporations to bankrupt our country legally.
There is institutional corruption still going on from international bankers, to the super rich from Washington to Rome. There is a club lining their pockets with your money. Right now the companies involved own our government unless laws are changed quickly. That wont happen anytime soon because the law makers are in on the financial scheme too.
Lets look back to 2008 Mr. Obama when you inherited this mess. Our country was brought to their knees and even today most of us don’t understand how they did it. The relationship between the Federal Government , the Treasury Department and the big Wall Street banks are causing serious problems in America. The same people are just papering over things and the antics are still going on and the little guy is still paying for it.
Remember this financial crisis began with the little guy and their Mortgage Applications. Lenders gave mortgages to anyone even if they knew they couldn’t afford to pay the bills. Big companies like Goldman Sacks then put all these bad mortgages together and figured out a way to sell it like it was a brand new thing. They played both sides and made billions of dollars whether people paid their loans or lost their homes.
Goldman Sacks was everywhere when it came to the manipulation of the stock market. There is a group called The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee that saw early on what was happening but no one listened. They took advertisements in The Wall Street Journal and also testified in Washington in front of the Commodes Futures Trading Commission where testimony should have made big news. Amazingly the television coverage of the testimony ironically went out precisely while he was reading his findings and then came on again. Could they have deliberately prevented the testimony from letting the public hear his point?
He did say that the big banks were manipulating the markets. He is Andrew McGuire who was a former Goldman Sacks trader in London and was a major tell all. The next day he and his family was hit by a car and killed. He knew first hand that J.P. Morgan was manipulating the Precious Metals Markets and bragged how they were making money by doing so.
The United States government would rather give away nuclear secrets out than leak out what they are doing with Wall Street. It is interesting that Obama spent all that money to bail out Goldman Sacks and AIG. William Black wrote a book called “The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One” it is about how corporate executives and politicians looted the savings and loan industry.
He says that through his research he found that there was enormous criminal activity during that crisis. They even called their activity a “Liar Loan” which was the name for mortgages given to people that the banks knew wouldn’t be able to make the payments. So, why did they want to do that? Well it was a ponzy scheme; the dollars kept rolling in as long as they kept selling those bad loans.
Look for yourself. There have been more higher level officials that have come to Washington and left Goldman Sachs than from any other firm. Call it Government Sacks. Lets list some guys that made that lateral move. Robert Rubin, Gerald Corrigan, and Stephen Friedman to name a few. Whether there is a Democratic or a Republican Administration, other Goldman Sacks guys are there. Others like Paulson, Steel, Kashkari, Dudley and Levitt. They seem to act in a way that is very good for Goldman Sacks and not very good for the country.
The former CEO of Goldman Sacks Paulson became the Treasury Secretary under George Bush. Hundreds of CEO’s should be convicted and that hasn’t happened. Why? Well because the only way to prosecute elite white collar criminals is to have the regulators push forward the idea and none of that happens anymore they are all part of the club.

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