Tuesday, October 23, 2012

They are stealing from America and we are just giving everything to them. Let’s start with Apple one of America’s most successful companies that manufacture all their devices in China. American companies don’t even give Americans jobs and then they complain that their intellectual property is being stolen by the countries that manufacture our products. Meanwhile, the corporations at the same time, are reaping incredible profits.
Maybe the solution is that American companies should be required to manufacture their products in America. We need the jobs and the technology would be safer if kept on our shores. Every kid is going to school for engineering because that is where the good jobs are. America is tops in the world for the new gadgets we invent.  Then why are we allowing countries like China to steal our technology?
Last night thankfully was the last Presidential Debate which really did not reveal anything new on either side. Obama did not even promote well enough the strides he has made in foreign affairs as President. General Motors is now the largest exporter to China of American cars. If he did not bail out GM we might be importing Chinese cars. Why didn’t he say that last night at the debate?
I can not blame him. Blame must be put on the American media who promotes things. Yes, I said things like the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo that we all know about but no one knows what Huawei is; and no, it is not a new kind of Sushi either. The media or news in this country needs to inform Americans about real things going on in our world and stop feeding our minds with more stupidity.
If you are concerned with the decline of American economic power, or in the rise of China’s power, then we should all be looking at the company Huawei that nobody has ever heard of that is a Chinese technology giant. Within the past 25 years it his become the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment in the world. That is very important and our Candidates for President should be worrying about that instead of who can marry who.
Yes, America spends the most money in the world on our military power but has not excelled in the control of our technology. What good is having all the weapons in the world if China can cut off all the power to start the things whenever they want to? China now makes everything from smart phones to switches and routers that form the backbone of global telecommunications networks.
It is an industry Americans invented and once dominated but not anymore. Our companies are getting big profits by making people make their products in China for a few dollars a day in wages. Now the tables are changing in that Huawei is aggressively pursuing a foothold in the United States hoping to be able to build the next generation of digital networks here.
It should be raising concerns about National Security and Chinese espionage and Huawei’s murky connections to the Chinese government. It is a private company owned by its 140,000 employees. Huawei is now the world leader in building 4th generation computers and communication networks known as 4G which is the latest technology for moving high volumes of phone calls data and high definition video. Its innovative low cost systems have already captured markets in Africa, Latin America and Europe. Why aren’t our Candidates concerned that China has the power to cut off all of us and these countries too?
Now this company wants to take America and sign up potential customers here as well as all over the world. Our Intelligence Department in Washington knows all about it but does little to pass laws to prevent the takeover of our companies; they simply tell us, our vendors, “If you care about your intellectual property, if you care about your consumer’s privacy and you care about the national security of the United States of America, don’t do business with Huawei.”
It is at least good to know that there is one place in Washington where both sides agree on something. We should know the names of Republican Congressman Mike Rodgers and the ranking Democrat in the House Intelligence Committee, C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger who both believe that letting a Chinese company build and maintain critical communications infrastructure here would be a serious mistake.
Americans should know this is happening and the media should be telling us this and the Candidates should not be squabbling about who can marry or if religion should be in our schools. They are moral issues that are very personal to people. We need leaders to fight for our power and our dominance in any field that can threaten our shores and right now we need to be in charge of the most recent things we have invented; all our gadgets that do more to help our lives flow easily every day.

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