Sunday, October 21, 2012

Do you need money? Make it the Bristol Palin way. Remember she is the daughter of Sara Palin the Vice-Presidential Candidate during the last vote for President and lost the election. So now what do you do? Yes, exploit your teen age daughter who got pregnant. Not a very Republican thing to do. I’m not talking about the exploiting because political parties do it all the time. No, I’m talking about dragging your 17 year old’s life into the spotlight.
Like all those religious television Evangelists that preach God’s way and the Ten Commandments, they are phony too. All of a sudden they are in tears saying to their followers that they have sinned and finally admit to real fleshy affairs with other women. They should just be lucky that they have a religion that even allows them to have sexual relations with a wife they possibly loved at one time. The Catholic Priests cannot have a woman in their life at all.
There are too many religions that promote planned marriages with strange men or women that have  never even met much less declare love and fidelity for the rest of their lives. The Hasidic Jews, the Muslims the Mormons and the Hindi from India all have arranged marriages devoid of love or companionship ever considered in a relationship. Marriages are based on wealth or status or just at the whims of the parents.
I guess Bristol is just another example of the ordinary young girl in America who managed to get pregnant at a way too young age. Does that mean she should defraud a well intentioned foundation that was designed to help young girls that happened to be in the same situation as her and take hundreds of thousands of dollars out for her own use? I still believe that more pressure should be put on the boys or men that inappropriately get a girl pregnant.
For men it is a night of fun and games and good sloppy sex. For the women involved they have to go through pregnancy and the ultimate embarrassment of disclosing to everyone they know that this happened to them and having to raise a child while they are still an underage child. Most people deal with the problem in a discrete manner. This family put Bristol on every talk show and had her write a book where Bristol Palin says her virginity was stolen while she was drunk at age 17.
Society has offered options like legal abortion or the morning after pill, all remedies most Conservative Republican types refuse to use as an alternative to the very real problem of teen sex and drinking that seems to be the most popular way to have fun these days. The Palin family chose to deal with the problem in a disgusting way. They exploited Bristol by writing a detailed book and appearing everywhere about her abstinence platform just like the “I have Sinned” Evangelists along with a foundation where people have donated a quarter of a million dollars to and then pocketed most of the money donated . It is all listed there on Bristol’s tax return.
To top it all off they allow this rhythmless girl to appear more than once on the popular G rated family show Dancing With the Stars. Is she America’s role model now? She is not known for doing anything artistic like dancing or acting or painting or a sports hero. She is now famous or should be more famous for taking a large amount of money from a foundation that was collected to help young poor girls that have to now deal with the financial problem of raising a child for the next 20 years.
Yes, even this year there are debates among the candidates on abortion rights but no one ever discusses the welfare money needed to raise all the children that are not wanted and was not created from a long term loving relationship. The fathers of these children are not even required in our society to even have a moral connection to the child. Yes to be a DAD to the child doesn’t exist. We have to just hope he hasn’t moved too far away from the girl he sloppily made love to.
Bristol Palin received $262,500 dollars from the Candie Foundation. Only $35,000 was given to the actual cause of teen pregnancy help and counseling clinics.

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