Saturday, October 20, 2012

There are people in this country that believe that this country is being run by a two gang system and I am beginning to believe them. Right now it seems that no one is running the country because all the politicians are running around the country in expensive tour buses and private jets just to kiss some babies along the campaign trail. There is money the political types are spending on expensive television advertisements and other propaganda that could have been better spent feeding our nation’s impoverished people.
Jesse Ventura, Minnesota’s former Governor, is writing again and finally he is not scaring me for a change with scary stories about climate change or conspiracy theory’s that we do care about but can’t seem to be able to do anything about to change. In his latest book called Democrips and Rebloodlicans he is simply commenting on our broken political system and is protesting that he doesn’t want gangs in government. Now with money pouring in from anywhere to campaign funds, we don’t know who owns our think tanks in Washington that pass a law and suddenly more money is automatically taken out of our paychecks.
There are many people that are so disgusted with the last 12 years of spending tax dollars that they will not be voting at all this year. We might as well call the two major political parties gangs that have sold out this country to corporations with the help of the Supreme Court. The Court has ruled that corporations have the same right as people and that money is free speech. So, now they are getting tons of corporate money that they don’t even have to disclose where it came from.
We might as well be bought out from China. They can come here and contribute money to a campaign and then their candidate will do whatever China wants to do with us. How do we stop this recent pattern? We cannot impeach the Supreme Court and its decisions. We can stop voting for them and we do occasionally. How do you think actors all of a sudden are elected to office? We trust fake trusting fictional characters in our entertainment more than political science majors in government.
Guys like Ronald Regan looked trustworthy riding his horse everywhere waving his giant cowboy hat. Arnold Schwarzenegger was our tough muscle man, Sony Bono was our everyday fun guy. Even Eisenhower was our military hero and they all had pretty good jobs in politics. The way candidates have these extortion like fundraisers is ridiculous. I have to go to a $30, 000 dollar a plate dinner for some idiot to go and kiss some babies and shake hands?
There were a few who ran for office the fair and honest way. Ross Perot was one of the few who had ballot access. Ralph Nader always ran on a third party and then was accused of taking the votes away from a paid off candidate like Al Gore who had lots of campaign funds. Al Gore lost the election meanwhile he won the popular vote. How does that happen?
It happens that Al Gore won the popular vote even though by only 500,000 votes but it happens that only when running for President getting more votes you can loose the race. It is because of the Electoral College voting system in our country that makes the majority of ballots not count. Run for Governor, Senator or anything else and your real votes count. The system of tabulating votes for President should be changed. American views are changing we are fed up with the way governing is run.
Now we are even fighting in society over God. Our currency has written on it “In God We Trust." Whose God are we talking about? Now we have to elect someone based on their religious beliefs? I always preferred when that was kind of private. Now entire political campaigns center around religion and maybe rightly so now that we have religious wars.
The issue of Church and State is boiling over in this Country where religion is a factor in decision making. There is a new statistic out now that says 54% of Americans would vote for an atheists. It is shocking but I understand that we are fed up with Holy Wars and divisions of people based on religious beliefs. Should religion be put in the same category as Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy? No, that is scary too. I still shout out ‘Oh God’ when I feel really threatened.
Our American Ambassador to Libya should not be dead just because some person made a movie criticizing Mohammad. Yet, Bush claimed that he had real discussions with God before he decided to invade Iraq. Look, when I lie I go to jail meanwhile the government lies all the time and we are helpless. They lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, lied about Iraq’s ties to AlQaeda and there was none, lied about the rescue of the soldier Jessica Lynch and they lied about the murder of America’s real hero Pat Tillman.
Why must the candidates lie about each other too. Every day in the mail I receive a thick mass mailing about how evil or how good a candidate is.  It all just makes you just not want to get involved in that fight and we  do not have the time to do our own investigating. So, I’m with you Jesse, throw the political gangs out.

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