Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who is Paul Ryan and why did Mitt Romney pick him to possibly be the next Vice President of the United States? In choosing Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney puts a new twist on his Presidential Campaign. Ryan is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and can be blamed or congratulated for all aspects of Federal spending and comes complete with his own detailed conservative fiscal plan.
He has the power to remake in his own Republican way spending from everything from Medicare and Medicaid to Tax policy and Agriculture subsidies. Ryan was probably chosen the way most people are chosen these days for good jobs. Throw your resume away and go work side by side with someone influential and if you do the right things , you will be the only choice for the new job out there. Nepotism is alive and well.
Ryan worked side by side with Romney over the last year and has agreed on some policy issues. They also with their families were on the campaign trail. Mitt was impressed with Paul’s leadership qualities. However, Paul Ryan since June, has already put himself on the re-election ballot to be a Congressman again! Paul is known as “the teacher” on Capitol Hill because he knows so much about the budget.
What is good is that Paul has worked the last 14 years in Washington in places in Washington in the past that wasn’t highly partisan or political but was instead focused on issues. Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem that Congress can get anything done anymore. There is so much arguing and stubbornness along party lines that agreeing on something is the last priority not the first priority
The Senate hasn‘t passed a budget .in the last 3 years meanwhile, there is a budget law that says a budget is supposed to be passed each year. Ryan hopes to have a part in stopping this pattern if elected. There is roughly 80 days left till election day so brace yourself for overkill of political news. We still will need to know more about this guy since he could potentially be a heartbeat from the presidency.
What are Paul Ryan’s key stats? Well, he is 42 years old, a fifth-generation Janesville, WI native. He is currently in his 7th term in the U.S. House and is the House Budget Chairman. Paul was first elected to the House at the age of 28. The family believes in the Catholic faith and he is married to his wife Janna with 3 children Liza, Charlie and Sam.
The scary stuff is that he might be the game changer not the feared Obama health care plan. If Ryan is let loose he wants to change Medicare as proposed in his budget as we know it. Ryan wants to change a now paid for service into a premium support which is what he calls it. Other people call it a voucher. It is that you give senior citizens a certain amount of money and then they have to get exposed to the private market. Now, what happens when the senior citizen spends all their allotted money for their long term illness? What a mess!
In the general budget he also wants to cut Federal spending way back. So, taxes go up and the benefits to the citizens are cut? That is a solution? This guy has NO foreign policy experience and NO private sector experience. All his life has been in political office in Congress which isn’t known for getting anything done lately. Why then wasn’t he a more vocal and well known person if he spent all those years in Congress?
No strides through his votes have been made in Congress on topics like spending, increasing the debt and profit sharing all an embarrassment throughout the Bush years. He was a reliable vote on TARP, the bank bailout, the wars, on prescription drug benefits and on tax cuts. Everything he says he is embarrassed by he should be held accountable for since this mess was created largely through the Bush 8 years, Obama is just a talking head not being able to tackle these problems still after his 3 years on office.
If I were him I’m not sure that I would be proud to have spent the last 14 years in political office where my vote in Congress could have made a big difference. The last 11 years have been a mess for our country and here we have what should have been a highly influential guy in our government being chosen to possibly be a representative of America in a even higher office. Nobody even knows who he is? He is chosen without being a mayor, governor, or senator or even having a job out of the comfortable leather chairs in our government positions.

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