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This is as close to a science fiction subject that I could get to but it is not just a made up story it is very real and apparently not too many people even know about it or I suppose there would be more outrage from Americans. It is called HAARP; no not a misspelled musical instrument, it stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program given this title by the American Government.
Basically, it is a top secret project that can destroy the world. When aimed at the sky, it can change the weather. When aimed at the ground it can set off earthquakes and a tsunami. The inventor was hoping the system would be used for good for humanity not for military evil purposes. When it is pointed at you, it can literally blow your mind. Some even call it the death ray.
It is located in the wilderness of Alaska and can be considered the real life doomsday machine and has the potential to be the most dangerous weapon the world has ever seen. It is a place where the United States military are blasting the sky with millions of watts of energy . A place with the innocent name of HAARP in Gakona population 215 people It seems to be some kind of futuristic weapon.
Jerry Smith is an author who writes about the military’s desire to control the weather to use it as a weapon of mass destruction. He is an anti-HAARP activist and feels that the program is one of the most dangerous projects the American government has ever attempted and is going on live in our atmosphere where the general public is unaware of it. It is a field of antennas on the ground in southeast Alaska linked together to act like one giant antenna.
Each can generate 10 thousand watts, 3.6 million watts collectively. The largest legal AM radio station in the United States is only 50 thousand watts. These things are not broadcasting out, they are broadcasting up. When HAARP is powered up, all those antennas shoot powerful radio waves into the ionosphere which is the uppermost part of the atmosphere. They literally heat it and create irregularities that allow the ionosphere to bounce powerful radio signals back to earth. Officially, it is only in the research stage or so the government professes.
What purpose is all this for? The government says it is a tool so that they can communicate with deep sea submarines. Now most of the world is either bankrupt or starving, do we really need this type of protection? The military can use this to locate and monitor enemy underground bases where they can launch a weapon of mass destruction. We already invaded countries looking for weapons of mass destruction and didn’t find any.
Big oil companies developed the HAARP technology but when the US government realized it’s higher potential, it bought up all the plans. By the time work began in 1993, HAARP was in the hands of the military and turned a tool that could be used to save the world into a weapon. It can destroy incoming missiles, things of that nature if fired at us. The ray seems to be based on a set of patents for a ground based weapons system. Now, it may be good to have Ronald Regan’s shield over America but this same set of patents also describe how it can be used to manipulate the weather over North America.
Missile defense and weather control is only the tip of the iceberg. The extra low frequency waves that HAARP generates, can also drill much deeper than the ocean and drill into your brain because the same frequency that finds submarines is the same frequency that the human brain works at. Brain waves are in part radio waves and so it can be influenced by external signals.
Mind control now? This is becoming more crazy as I read on about this stuff. The weather control seems feasible; in fact you can’t stop thinking about the unbelievable things that have already happened in the world like the Indonesian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. There are physicists that believe this stuff and have made small scale experiments that show that radio waves can move clouds.
There have been photos taken just before the big tsunami hit the coast of Indonesia that show the Aurora Borealis or the northern lights. They occur anytime there is some sort of electromagnetic currents in the ionosphere. When they turn HAARP on, the colors get really wild up there. What is also interesting is that before the tsunami, there wasn’t any pre-tremors or any warning. It just happened.
If any of this is true we can only hope that the disasters were a mistake. Maybe it wasn’t intentional and the government was just experimenting with the technology and perhaps put it up too high and this was the end results. Would the American government ever say whoops we made a mistake? No, they would say this stuff works and the tsunami and hurricanes were just collateral damage. At least now we know it works. Meanwhile thousands of lives were lost and billions of dollars in destruction of buildings have been destroyed.
There is proof that HAARP was used in warfare. In the first Iraq war, there is evidence that HAARP was used to irradiate the battlefield prior to the invasion of Kuwait. Tanks rolled into the area , troops piled out of the bunkers and were not willing to give a fight and masses of soldiers gave up, and these were the Iraqi troops. What HAARP exactly did to them was created anxiety, prevented them from sleeping and make them paranoid, have night visions like nightmares.
Morris Cohen and Mark Golkowski are Stanford University HAARP Researchers who says it is basically a place for basic research till they are approached with questions about mass destruction purposes and then they do not want to discuss much. The American public will never know much but it is not wrong to at least think that this place can be used for sinister purposes instead of for good.
The real danger of HAARP is the ultimate destruction of the world. Picture a long extension cord stretched from the earth to the ionosphere creating an ionic path. The power is now in the ionosphere then can be discharged back to the ground and will be able to create a lightning bolt of devastating proportions. Picture 50 Mount St Helen’s volcanoes going off every second for a minute. The effects can be catastrophic. This machine should be shut off and be dismantled. It is just too dangerous for humanity. Tampering with nature is a formula for global terrorism.
Located in a remote area of Alaska it is 180 towers spread out over 35 acres of land where HAARP exists. Each tower antenna can blast a beam 12 miles wide that spreads across the ionosphere, heats it up and turns the atmospheric layer into the largest antenna of all. Even the people who work there don’t really know a lot about it. It is very common in government . Compartmentalization. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.
We can only hope that the government will use the power of this complex to do good for the world. The inventor Bernard Eastlund died 2 years ago and became a critic of his own invention. Weather control. The idea was by heating up the atmosphere you could move the jet stream bringing rain to places or taking rain away from drenched areas. The inventor never intended for his invention to be used as an offensive weapon.
Dr. Nick Begich is a well respected author and activist son of a U.S. Congressman, brother of U.S. Senator Mark Begich and he has been studying HAARP for the past 15 years. He says, HAARP has the capability to knock out aircraft from the sky leaving no damage. It can knock out a satellite thus communication or commerce goes down. We are not alone at this anymore. The Chinese and Russians are pursuing this technology now.
It would be nice to bring rain to Ethiopia where the people there can grow grass and nourish their cattle and stop the starvation there. Or stop the unrelenting rain that flood and destroy homes along lakes and rivers. But that would make the world a peaceful paradise. The military can’t tolerate that . They feed on disaster.

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