Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Never has unemployment been so high for so long. As a result the families are hurting badly. Now there are more than 16 million homeless children living in poverty. It is the most since 1962 . It is worse where the construction industry collapsed. One of those places is Central Florida. There are families there that have never been homeless before. It is so bad that school buses had to create routes to go to cheap hotels where multiple families were living.
There are some families that are loosing their grip for even affording to live in a hotel. The homeless shelters are full. The families try to blend in but there is now a population that is living out of cars and trucks. We can call this the Great Recession that has been going on since 2007. That was about 1,700 days ago. Things have gotten worse much worse especially in Seminole County, Florida.
The number of kids in poverty in America is pushing toward 25% that is one out of four Americans. The kids wash up for school at gas stations and need to find different ones each day so they don’t get the managers upset. They try to blend in with the other students that have homes and the more than 1,800 other homeless students in the Seminole County Schools.
There is a school called Casselberry there that has about 15 kids who are living in cars. They don’t get much sleep having to sit up next to your brother or sister all night and they are frightened that either someone will catch them or assault them. If the police find out, the family will be separated and the children will be placed into foster care. No one wants to break up their family.
Some of these families live in their cars with family pets they can’t part with. Why must these people suffer? I’m sure that the general public would open their arms, wallets and homes if there could be some incentive offered by our government to take these people off the streets. Give them a city owned depressed property to renovate in turn for some decent housing!
There are programs for homeless kids in the County there but they only offer funds for temporary shelter in a hotel. These people need jobs and a sense of feeling they can stay somewhere for a while. At times the money donated last only a month and then they are back in the cars. How can anyone let anyone go away that way? Of all the homeless families in Florida, two thirds of them are living on the street.
The longevity of homelessness continues to rise. The unemployment runs out, their savings run out and the people who lent them money run out. All the options are gone. When this epidemic became public in Florida , millions of dollars poured into the charity. Food banks were set up in 40 of the county’s schools. They collected donated clothing for the kids and donated more money for hotel rooms. Of all the people that are homeless why are one fourth in Casselberry, Florida?
There is a place called Orlando Rescue Mission which is a successful place for families because they offer several programs to help people of all ages including an effort to find people jobs. Jobs where the employers even help families get homes of their own again. Idleness can also be a problem to homeless families. Even if they have the luxury of a hotel room, all the kids will do is be a zombie in front of the TV. So they must go the library to have access to computers or find say a community theater or sports programs that they can join as long As they don’t ask too many questions.
Kids have to grow up pretty fast when they live in a truck but it is those kids that are the most giving, most appreciative and most mature beyond their years. They watch other kids fight with their parents over materialistic things and they want to tell them to be grateful because tomorrow you might not have anything just like them. Our government is broken. Families are broken. Lately if you see something, just open your wallet and give these people something directly. They never asked to be that way.

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