Thursday, August 16, 2012

Most women won’t do it yet it involves little or no activity. They might do it once but then quickly decide they just don’t like it. Sounds like the reaction I get in bed from my wife but that is another story. I am talking about going fishing. Yes, there are women that go fishing but those women are a rare breed. There are mostly men wading in rivers, leaning over bridges taking out the deep water fishing boats.
Yes, it is the men that are craving every little nibble, every pull or tug, a line that delivers every man’s desire, a cold fish at the end of their tight fishing line. It sounds almost erotic. Why do men love fishing? For some fishing can satisfy the primal hunting urge. Man vs. nature. Some do fish for food still even though you can buy a large variety of fish on ice at any supermarket.
A man can be happy being armed with only a fishing pole, a tacklebox, some bait , some beer and sun screen. You can be happy for the entire day and come home with the prize. Dinner. That is if you can get the wife to chop the head off, take the scales off and take all the bones out of the thing. Then you can eat the freshest thing on earth.
Then there are the men who fish as a sport. It can be a very democratic kind of activity. You don’t have to worry about appearances. You can be short or tall, strong or agile any type of physique with little or no training necessary and it still can be considered a sport. All men like to admit they do sports at any age. All you need is to be drunk or patient for this sport on the beauty of nature.
The famous avid fisherman President Herbert Hoover said, “ All men are equal before fish.” Besides, fishing is pretty much an excuse to not to do much which is what summer is all about. People are perfectly happy to do nothing but sit under an umbrella on the beach all day. Why not sit in a boat all day and stare at a fishing line? Scientific studies have proven that women multi-task better than men. Just happen to go into a porn site and see what one woman can do to two men there.
So, fishing is a great way for men to flex their strength at mono tasking. All men have to do is just stand or sit there with a rod and a wish. Yes, something like sexual desire. Something that men can really excel at doing. One can describe fishing as extended periods of boredom punctuated with brief moments of excitement. That sounds like dating. You put your bait out there and see what bites, reel it in, take a good long look at it, feel it, then release . Trust that there are other fish in the sea.
Other guys think of fishing as meaningful bonding time with fathers, grand-fathers and sons. Some remember the fishing experience as a childhood adventure. The adventure was the hot peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that always some how got all smashed till it was just a ball of sticky goopy stuff found in a pool of water at the bottom of a cooler but you are hungry and you eat it anyway.
You remember being in a tiny boat, with very little fish catching. The conversation rarely got deep but it was the only intimate time shared with the most important males in your life. So, there is a reason to fish that I will buy hook, line and sinker. Most men don’t analyze why they love fishing. Why think so hard about a simple pleasure but it is kind of a metaphor for a good life. Try your best and hope for the best. Have days when you catch something and have days when you don’t catch anything. Always be thankful for the sound of the water, the sun above in the sky and the time and chance to cast another reel.
It has been said that some men fish their entire lives without realizing that it is not fish that they are after. So whatever you are after this summer, have fun, and keep your line tight. Take the alone time to reflect on your life. Figure out who or what you really want in your life and if you already have it in your life. Think of if you are treating that prize in your life fairly and as well as you possibly can.
Fact: One of eight American adults fish.

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