Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obama quietly did it again protecting us and we didn’t even know it. He really needs to spend some money on promotions especially in this re-election year. There is a book out called Cyber War by Richard A. Clarke who goes into detail then next threat to national security and what to do about it. Richard has become our go to guy when we have questions on national security and Richard was a former senior White House advisor.
Here we finally have a feel good story involving the swiftness of capturing a terrorist to our country. This involves a terrorist who was concealing a bomb in his underwear. Most men would be happy someone thought that they looked so massive in their pants. This terrorist tried before to destroy people and property with a bomb in his pants. In an effort to find this guy there was a collaborate effort from other countries to find the real bomber.
This time they sent a guy in using various intelligence agencies to pretend to be a suicide bomber. We even had the help from Saudi Arabia. He got into the camp and managed to steel the brief bomb. Yes, I kid you not, that is what they called it and it was concealed in boxer underwear. He said he was going to use it , and took it out. Then he gave it to CIA members of the Central Intelligence Agency and told them where to go with a drone. Yes, those new flying remote controlled things that have cameras on them to spy on people.
With the aid of drones, they were able to observe and capture the guy who was in charge of all the underwear bombing operations. This is great news, because if the bomb had gone with someone else we would have had 300 dead Americans spread out across the North Atlantic Ocean and we would have never found them. Keeping terrorists off our airplanes is a high priority even if we have to pretend to be a suicide bomber in order to catch a suicide bomber. This is no movie yet, but real Obama style warfare.
The reason these terrorist are making bombs in there underwear is probably the same reason we all used to hide our pot there or smuggle in a few Cuban cigars from the Caribbean. Of course those were the days before when you didn’t get thrown in jail for conspiracies theories. So, they do stick their hands down your pants to find stuff but in other countries the security like in Saudi Arabia do not inspect your underwear for bombs.
The plan was to board an American airliner like say Delta or United and fly to the United States, blow up the plane over the North Atlantic Ocean , and never find any evidence. So, this is a good news story that no one ever heard about and it happened last month. The bad news is that the guy that is still making these bombs is still out there. So, people are having a hard time. Is Al Qaeda dead or is it alive? Yes, we all know Bin Laden is dead ; old Al Qaeda is dead in Pakistan and Afghanistan but there are new guys in Yemen that is calling itself Al Qaeda making bombs and trying to get them to the United States.
Obama needs credit for destroying the leadership of Al Qaeda and he doesn’t nearly get any accolades for his quiet way of picking out important enemies and killing them one by one since he has been in office. This Richard Clarke has been hanging around Washington through many Administrations and knows first hand how different Presidents handled terrorism and gives full credit to Obama as being an efficient quiet lean mean killing machine.
He says, George Bush and every other President failed to complete any missions. Bush closed the Bin Laden CIA offices and took the special offices and moved them to Iraq including the drones and went from the rhetoric of I’m going to get this guy dead or alive to saying that Bin Laden is just one man and is unimportant. Thus, Bush never did anything significant to capture anyone worth capturing.
Obama comes into office and says, So, when are we getting him? What are we doing? And so, the CIA and the Military said they need some decisions from him and Obama says go ahead. When they find Bin Laden in that house, the military backs off and says,” It is too dangerous, just bomb the place.” Obama said ,“NO, I want to know who I bombed, who was there .“and orders the Navy Seals to go in.
They plan the raid and all the Cabinet Members say, “Don’t do it.” So they make Senator Obama look crazy. However, silently and carefully he has orchestrated plans with the best of the best warriors here to sneak in get the guy and get out. We all know any of these terrorist cannot compete with America’s Military Might but what they all have succeeded in was to get us to panic and he did and we spend Billions of Dollars on Homeland Security. Hopefully, with security Obama style we can cut some of that spending.

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