Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mitt Romney’s dad was born in Mexico and we have a hot actress being the National Co-Chairman for the re-elect Obama campaign whose latest film is Greater Glory and she is Eva Longoria. She had spent 8 years acting in Desperate Housewives. So, now nationally she organizes voters for the Obama Campaign. Through her efforts Obama is ahead 67% to Romney’s 27% amongst Latino Voters.
The Vice Presidential choice for Romney might be Marco Rubio, the Tea Party Senator from Florida. Will this be the solution to bringing Latino voters to the Republican side? Marco is a Cuban American. Is there strife among Cubans and Mexicans? Well, she says they are a factioned group and are not monolithic. So, the Mexicans make up over 60% of the Latino Population then comes the Cubans, The Puerto Ricans and the Central Americans so there seems to be a pecking order where the Mexicans are at the top.
People come to this country for different reasons. The Cubans come as political refugees; they were welcomed and supported and given financial aid. Mexicans were occupied. Puerto Ricans are still in flux not knowing whether thy can vote and the statehood issues. So, the main question is, will the Latino vote move over to Romney because he might have a Latino running mate? That is like assuming that all women would have voted for Palin just because she was a woman. It is insulting and Latinos are smarter than that and not so close minded.
You also have to look at Rubio’s track record. He is very conservative and proposed coming up with a new Dream Act although there has not been any legislative language yet so it is hard to tell if he will get any support from his party yet. Obama seems to never get the public advertising he deserves. His accomplishments pass buy without most of the public even knowing what he did.
Right now illegal immigration at the border is at net zero. In other words, the immigrants either don’t want to enter the country anymore or the borders are being monitored and controlled properly. During the primaries, all the Republican candidates were blasting that one was going to build a wall, or another a fence. Or even another 2 fences and electrify the fences. Face the facts, they don’t want to be in America. The Mexican economy is picking up. The people of Brazil are getting rich.
Eva says that immigration is not the number one issue for Latinos. It is the jobs, the economy, education and health care. Immigration issues fall far behind the line although immigration touches upon those issues. When one thinks of immigration issues, they are securing the borders which Obama has done a great job at doing. Mexican women used to have 7 children now they have 2 kids.
Latinos want to look at the “guest worker” program where we can not deny that we have an industry, agriculture, that wholly depends on the immigrant worker. These people are not steeling American jobs. Americans are not doing these jobs. She has talked with farmers and the United Farm Workers organization and they have listed farm working jobs with unemployment offices and the welfare offices and not one American has signed up to do the work.
These are minimum wage jobs that are just backbreaking. We are the most well fed nation in the world fed on the working backs of people who go to bed hungry. We need reform to see how we can get these hard workers to come and pick our fruit, contribute to society and not live in the impoverished shadows. Arizona is a mess and an embarrassment to humanity.
For Mitt Romney to call the immigration laws of that state a “model” is dangerous and void of compassion of the human spirit. The biggest issue for Latinos is the Amnesty Pact for Citizenship. So, no one is coming to this messed up country anymore but what are we going to do with the people that are already here? We need “The Dream Act” so we can keep the people here in an emerging market within our borders.

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