Friday, July 6, 2012

The kids need the pill too. Teen pregnancy is on the rise. After all, the media promotes all kinds of partying as fun and sex is a big part of it. The government needs to get with the times and make the morning after sex pill available to younger girls. Right now if a teen sells or gives anyone a pill they acquired, the sharing of a prescribed drug is illegal and they can go to jail for a very long time.
It is sad to see teens hanging out and they are not carrying around soft drinks, they are pushing baby carriages. It is no way to start a life with new life. The only people not having sex are the married people. Many people have un protected sex have children and don’t even pledge any kind of commitment in the raising of the children. It is not uncommon for a woman to have 5 kids with 5 different men. She is lucky if on Sunday the kids can line up on the porch and wait for their baby daddy to pick them up for a day.
There is a prescription drug called “Just In Case” a morning after pill that is offered to teen age girls over the age of 16. The problem is that with all the media influence on kids having sex it is not uncommon that girls are having sex shortly after having their period. That means there are kids having sex at 13 years old and up. What do they do when the younger kids get pregnant?
There is a case where a 16 year old was selling this pill to younger girls in her school. Not for profit but in an effort to help them. These kids are frightened to tell their parents and a pill would just get rid of the problem. Except now the older girl has a big problem. After finding a stash of pills in her school locker, she is arrested and now needs a lawyer. It is a felony to have drugs with the intent to distribute. Over 16 she can buy the drug without a prescription, under 16 you need a prescription in all states and communities.
So, now she is a criminal in court charged with a charge of possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance. The idiot prosecutors can even stretch the charges to aiding and abetting statutory rape using their logic in saying providing birth control pills to minors promotes them into having unlawful intercourse. Is a kid giving another kid a pill on eliminating a pregnancy really promoting copulation?
So the girl can enter a plea bargain and plead guilty to a lesser charge but what chances does she have in getting into a good college with a felony added to here name? Bot then fighting it in court and loosing, she faces many many years in jail. The laws need to be changed and the fault is with our current President Obama. He always said that he would let science not politics dictate policies.
The Administration’s own scientists have proved that the pill is safe and effective to any girl under the age of 18 without a prescription . The FDA in fact approved it for girls under the age of 18 and then all of a sudden Health and Human Services overrides the FDA’s decision. That is politics totally trumping science. Some people wrongly are calling the “Just In Case” pill an abortion pill and they are wrong!
The abortion pill has a completely different name. It is called RU486 and is totally different. The morning after pill does NOT abort a conceived pregnancy, it has no effect on pregnancy it simply prevents a pregnancy. Conception can occur sometimes as late as 120 hours after intercourse. The “Just In Case” pill is what you take in the interim. Even so, it is a very important decision to take the medication and should be discussed with an adult. Girls are too afraid to tell their parents and is precisely why the pill was created but 16 is too old these days with The Jersey Shore and Ted and the Kardashians being the influences on kids lives these days not the Bible.
Whatever your politics, this girl in fact decided to distribute to underage girls knowing full well that her actions were against the law. We all can’t just break laws that we disagree with. Years ago you had to be married to get the pill. And kids shouldn’t have to sell to kids something they need. She is not giving special instructions as a doctor would. Yes, it is just a pill to take but did she warn about side effects, or inquire about other medications you might be on or discuss possible drug interactions? Probably not. And the distribution of these pills might even make it easier for young girls to have more sex knowing all they have to do is pop a pill to prevent pregnancy.
The “Just In Case” pill is just a higher dose of hormones that prevents ovulation. It is safer than pregnancy. It has fewer side effects than most common drugs including ibuprofen, antihistamines or even certain cough medicines. The FDA approved it and the Administration did a flip flop on the decision to make it available to all women because it is an Election year. Look the girl tried to help younger girls cope somehow but it can be trafficking no different than selling pot or cocaine.
Look, kids growing up is a scary thing. One day they are playing with dolls and the next they are going to parties and interacting with other kids in a very sexual way. Yet, many schools teach abstinence only, so they aren’t even educated in condoms. The schools find it repulsive to have condoms available to the students. Meanwhile the condom might be the most important teenage advice you can give a teen yet we do our best as a society to keep it a secret.
Turn on the TV and just try to avoid an advertisement helping someone with erectile discomfort. Yes they push the pills to make a man hard and ready for sex. There are no commercials to help teens on how to be safe. Our government won’t stand for that. Face it! Teens are having sex, we want them to be safe, we want them to deter teenage pregnancies. We want them to have full and happy lives first before they have to take care of new life. It is silly to put a girl in prison who is college bound who was the comfortable voice for younger girls. This nation needs to wake up and help kids; not make them seek back alley abortions. Make the pill legal to all women that can bear a child at any age. We owe it to the future neglected children of the nation.

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