Monday, June 18, 2012

Where are the men? The traditional family is gone. Now we have the modern family just like the TV show. Women are more independent than ever and don’t even depend on a man financially anymore. There is even an widening gap in college achievement. The corporate ladder is filling up with women and more men are now making the decision to be the stay at home dad. They aren’t even looking for a job anymore.
Why not! Look at the American household run under a woman. It is an efficient ,clean , good smelling, great place to live. Women are the masters at multi-tasking. They can balance the checkbook, cook, mop the floors, supervise the child’s homework, change a diaper while entertaining a complicated phone call all during the same conversation and then wonder why you are in awe of their capabilities. Imagine the possibilities when you unleash a woman in the corporate world under her terms.
Yes, so far most women have helped a man in some way make it to the fullest potential of his career. The title used to be called a secretary but now they have new titles like administrative assistant. They dotted every I and crossed every T and probably even wrote every word for their male boss to help him do well at his job and advance the career ladder. Now women have their own ladder and they aren’t sharing that ladder with anyone. They don’t need to share.
There is a major difference between men and women in the way they do anything. Men like to party, women like to work hard and then collapse into a comfort zone. Men traditionally make business deals on the golf course, at the country club or over drinks at a bar. Women have conference calls, board meetings and one on one discussions at the office. Men have frat parties and party throughout college, women go to the library , pass their classes with high grades and are Valedictorians at graduations. Yes, efficient to the very end of school. Men have hangovers while women go to the day spa and have massages.
It is no longer a man’s world. The female Dean of Admissions at Kenyon, Ohio, Jennifer Delahunty, wrote an article in the New York Times in 2006, a while ago, in the opinion section, saying that college girls are doing a lot better than boys. Gender politics are alive and well in this country. She then was exposing the widening gap in achievement. There is an anti-intellectualism of male students that is disturbing now. Men aren’t even enrolling at the same rate in college as women and therefore aren’t graduating at the same rate as women.
The numbers don’t lie . Male college enrollment has been sliding for more than four decades: In 1970 57% of students in college were male.

In 1980 47% of students in college were male.
In 1990 45% of students in college were male.
In 2000 43% of students in college were male.
In 2012 40% of students in college are male so far.

Where are they going? Is this a crisis? Sociologists, Michael Kimmel says that 25 years ago it was important for women to simply be pretty and kind and take care of their man now women say they can do anything they want . Men 25 years ago cared more about families and careers; now they are just doing whatever they want with less commitments to anything so, they party a lot. More men spend more money now on sports and entertainment than ever before.
Boys feel now that academic disengagement is a sign of masculinity. The less you can do in school, the less connected you are, the less interested you are, the more manly you are. That explains why about 70% of Valedictorians today are girls. It is just not about grades, it is about jobs. The die comity is shifting, the knowledge base is shifting, a words based economy rather than an action based economy has been to the detriment to the traditional ideology of masculinity.
Is success in a high-paying career very important? Well, according to the Paw Research Center, women value it at 66% and men want the money at only 59%. Should there be affirmative action in men at higher education? No, I don’t think so. Now the colleges are saying, “The reality is that because young men are rarer, they’re more valued applicants.” So girls, you still are going to have to work even harder to get ahead in life. Whatever that is now lately.

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