Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She is the highest paid actress in the world, an Ambassador for the United Nations, a Member on the Council of Foreign Relations and now is a director. She is Angelina Jolie. She is often also called the most beautiful woman in the world. She may well be the most photographed and most recognizable actress as well. Her reputation had been know for a while as wild, weird and eccentric. Now she is engaged to marry Brad Pitt and has evolved into a quite different person lately.
She is now happy and comfortable directing her debut film from behind the camera that was filmed in Budapest called “In The Land of Blood and Honey.” It is about the war in Bosnia that took place in the 90’s, killed at least 100,000 people and brought ethnic cleansing to Europe for the first time since World War II. It is a romance between a Muslim woman and a Serb amidst the war and conflict. She used actors from the region and has subtitles in the film to try to make it as realistic as possible. She does not appear in the film at all.
Angelina has acted in more than 30 films. Films like Gia about a drug addicted fashion model. Her actor parents broke up before she was even one years old. Early in her life she experimented with drugs and sex. Angelina won an Oscar for her performance in Girl Interrupted where she plays a schizophrenic. Later she was Laura Croft a character from a video game and played a spy in Mr. Smith with Brad Pitt. She was once asked if she wanted to be a James Bond girl and Angelina replied , “No, I want to be Bond!” Well she played a Bond like character in “Salt.”
Apparently she likes to punch through the gender stereotypes. When Angelina did the film “Salt” she remembers being in a nightgown for seven months with her twins and couldn’t wait to punch something once that pregnancy was over. Her favorite move is not one of her action packed movies. It is a tragedy based on a true story, “In A Mighty Heart” where she plays Marian Pearl the widow of Daniel Pearl who was the Wall Street Journal reporter that was beheaded by Terrorists in Pakistan.
Many of her movies have earned more money than praise from critics. Clint Eastwood said about her that she is a great talent tampered only by the fact that she is so beautiful. Early on she took courses and expected to be a funeral director as a career in case the acting thing did not take off. Her desire for funeral work came because she was disgusted at seeing how her grandfather looked at his funeral.
Now she is grateful that she didn’t die young since she knows actors can go to the dark side. Displaying odd behavior in public was her thing too. People can’t forget the intimate way she kissed her brother in public , the vials of blood she and her second husband Billy Bob Thornton wore as jewelry. Moving on from that stage in her life is now well apparent.
In recent years she has been traveling in the world as a Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations visiting more than 20 countries primarily to work with refugees, also a Member of the Counsel on Foreign Relations and a Humanitarian Activist but still says she is a bad girl inside. Every man loves a little bad girl in a woman and it belongs to Brad. They have 3 children together and adopted 3 more form 3 different countries; Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.
The tabloids torture her on a daily basis with all sorts of allegations and false rumors. Her father actor John Voight once told the press that his daughter had serious mental problems. For years, Angelina refused to talk to her father but after her mother died she started to see him again but she gives her mother all the credit in the world for raising her and for her accomplishments today.
Fondly, she credits her Mother for being able to raise her own children. Brad and Angelina try to have one parent raising the kids at all times so they never work on movie making at the same time. Now, knowing how difficult it can be to raise kids, she admires her Mom for being a full time Mom. Angelina said that she can run off to do a movie which is easy work compared to being a full time Mom. She is already working on her next movie directing in Afghanistan and prefers having the spotlight on someone else where her beauty and acting skills will not be in the picture.

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