Friday, June 22, 2012

Why is creating new life more important than sustaining life in this Country? People will go through great expense and effort to create children but no one seems to want to spend the time and money on organ replacement. It is very difficult for a sick person to get a new kidney and something should be done to change the system ethically and legally say some people.
There are people dying from acute kidney failure every day. Some are so desperate that they “find” a suitable kidney on their own but no hospital will perform the operation. Why? Because they bought their kidney. It can cost say about $70,000 on the Black Market for a human kidney. Sounds real creepy because it is real creepy and illegal in this country to buy or sell human parts.
So, I can pay for a surrogate mother to birth my child, I can pay a sperm donor, I can pay for an egg donor to create human life but I can’t pay for a kidney or an hand or ear or any human so called “replacement” part? Why? I think all this fake my baby legal stuff going on is pretty disgusting. Sara Jessica Parker had twins and never even went to the hospital. One day the kids were just delivered by courier not by her vagina.
Should the law be changed from illegal to legal to buy human replacement parts? The best way to convince a jury to go from “that is sick” to “yes we need to help people save their lives” would be addressing the 14th Amendment, due process, which is about a person having the right to lifesaving treatment. Or, the issue of the right to privacy, Roe Vs. Wade, a person’s right to what is done to their body. These issues can possibly be used to a person’s right to sell a part of their body. Still sounds creepy though.
Unless you represent the seller as well, you have no standing as to assert the seller’s rights. Yes, there are so many ethical questions here. As the purchaser, what will happen if the law is changed? Will kidneys be sold at Wallmart? They do sell everything. As the seller, would you sell your left hand for a 50 inch TV? Would the poor be exploited while the rich change body parts for newer ones like the way they already change their faces. Wrinkles are on poor people’s faces; face lifts are already for rich people.
The bottom line is that poor people will line up and say they do not need that kidney but that they could use the money right now. People have families to feed and no job. They would be perfectly willing to sell their bodies. Then is it coercion? Economic duress could be deemed as a form of urging someone on to sell in court. The poor people will testify that it s voluntary. Please take me kidney!
People have been on a transplant list for about a year and the waiting period is just a ticking time bomb to your death. Quite often there is not a willing family member to donate their organs or aren’t a match. You can possibly find someone not related to you or even not a friend that is compatible in all the categories necessary; blood type, tissue type and antibody screening have to be done and must match.
The idea of buying and selling organs disgusts people meanwhile if you need an organ you are sitting there with no options knowing that you only have six months to live. We live in America where you can buy anything you want, well, not body parts. There is the Humane Human Transplant Board that has always been against the idea of buying and selling organs but now opinion has been changing.
Now there are nearly 100,000 men , women and children needing kidneys. There are less than 20,000 available kidneys. Even if you do the math it is a life and death equation. By legalizing the trade it will be regulated and will give the process legitimacy. The sales are going on right now just on the Black Market. In the open it will be less shady, less dangerous and less violence associated with it. Lord only knows how these organs are being extracted and even if it is against the will of some poor soul.
Yes, the idea that the wealthy may live and the poor may die is nothing new. Sara Jessica Parker paid for her children. She never had to go to the hospital, her children weren’t delivered through her vagina, they were delivered by courier. The wealthy don’t have any wrinkles on their faces, the poor have the age lines because they can’t afford face lifts. It is the world that we live in. Give people a better option maybe to be able to live longer.

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