Friday, April 6, 2012

We can safely say that winter is over and some of spring is in full bloom already. This year I hardly remember winter except for a major storm that brought snow to the northeast in October. The powers that may be have created odd weather changes all over the country with unexpected tornadoes developing in an instant .
In my next life I want to be a weather man who earns six figures, dresses well all the time, has a great smile and pose and simply points at a screen. Not only for the appearance but for the unaccountability of the occupation. You can be wrong in your predictions all the time and after a disastrous weather condition has reached your area that was not predicted ; the weather man can simply say, ”Sorry the wind shifted!”
What exactly did happen this year? Well we might have called it ,”The Winter That Wasn’t.” According to my source: NOAA it has been recorded as the 4th warmest winter on record. This year ranks behind the year 2000, 1999 and 1992 being the warmest. Should we be sad with all the global warming blah blah we’ve been getting? After all, the warmest year was 20 years ago. We have to be doing something right!
This year was also considered the 3rd least snowiest on record. They left out Alaska and Hawaii and only compared the lower 48 states. Yes, many ski areas just didn’t even open for skiing because it would be too costly to maintain any snow making from machines with such warm temperatures that would melt the snow instantly. In fact, many ski areas have invested in mountain biking as a alternative to skiing. Yes, rent a bike and hope you make it down the hill in one piece.
It has been so warm that according to my source:, there have been 6,000 High Temperature Records broken this year. That means, not only has it been hot, it has been the hottest somewhere in America 6,000 times since the first of the year! Well with the cost of heating oil approaching $5.00 a gallon, we are happy not to turn on the heat however interpretation of life in the 16th Chapel in Rome. In the bottom right corner you can see the faces melting off the people. A haunting reminder of how the world could possibly end. Ok my analogy is a stretch but……there have been more than 1,200 days in just one week recently that broke a high temperature. 27 states recorded their winter temperature as one of their 10 warmest on record.
February 2012 was the 324th consecutive month with temperatures above the long term average. Baby, this planet is getting hotter fast. The numbers prove it. Of course as always the case with averages, the results in your area may vary. I think that is the excuse the handsome weather man uses too, just in case someone disputes his numbers as well.
The Greek God of weather also pulled extreme cold weather in areas too. Alaska for example had its 35th coldest winter on record. Denver racked up 20.2 inches in snow accumulation this past February. That represents the second heaviest snowfall for the month in a century in that area.
So with extreme heat or extreme cold, we are berginning to take it all, we have no choice but we can choose where we live to at least experience seasons or not.
What’s your favorite season?
Spring 35%
Summer 30%
Fall 25%
Winter 8%
So, if no one really likes winter, who cares if it is so hot no snow even falls or that the world might be over from extreme heat. Put the air conditioner on in February .

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