Thursday, April 5, 2012

The time has arrivedThe clown car of Republican candidates have stumbled out of the vehicle, showed Americans everything in their bag of tricks and have slowly left the circus tent with their sad faces until there were only 2 left and now it seems we have chosen the possible next President of the United States. Yes, Mitt Romney has won most of the states delegate votes after Super Tuesday.
Rick Santorum came in second where he won 3 states and nearly won Ohio. That would have been big. This is despite a flood of ads that said that Rick Santorum is a creepy far right socialist that is a socially backward extremist. That description could have been his advertisements because he was proud of every wacky thing he said. No misprints, that is how he sold himself. This guy has expressed his views to be against contraception and against college. He wanted us literally to be f--king stupid.
Is Mitt Romney any better? This week he was introducing his wife and said, “she is the heavyweight champion of my life.” Now what woman wants to be described like that? This time instead of the dog being strapped to the roof of the car with luggage in the back seat, she should strap him up there on the way home from that event. So to recap Republican views on women, you can’t have birth control, you are sluts and you are fat but vote for me in the next election. Who are these guys and what planet did they come from?
In Mississippi Romney said, “I’m learnin to say Ya’all and I like grits.” After that he might as well have gotten a pair of pliers and pulled out his front teeth. Is that his way of bonding with the poorest state in America? Ok so he won and he can still win in November because yes the stock market has recovered but with 93% of those gains going to the top one percent. We do have the same amount of jobs of 11 Billion since before the recession doing those jobs and the unemployed are still unemployed.
The fact of the matter is that we are a nation that decides elections by the millionaires and billionaires and they are all on the Republican side along with their billionaire candidate. It is dangerous if these highly pointed closed minded crazy people do get elected and are able to dictate their personal views as policy for all Americans.
For example, the Arizona senate wants to make it legal for a Doctor to lie to a woman if it prevents an abortion. They have publicly regarded all women as sluts and prostitutes because they might defend or use contraception. This is a disservice to the women of the country. Rick Santorum went as far as to say, “Sex is to be had only in marriage and to be had only for procreation.” So, all women should say , “OK BOYS” and give it up only for the kids . Well, hope you can afford all those kids or you just ain’t getting any. And then lets see how long it takes for Republicans to line up in favor for women’s issues.
This Republican party even goes so far as to say that I can’t even have sex with my wife unless it is with the intention of only having more children. Thank goodness there is some voice in pop culture screaming out that we have the right to do anything we wish with our sex lives as long as no one gets hurt in the process. A new Movie starring John Ham called ”Friends With Benefits” explores a new way of raising families. People are not necessarily taking vows for life in front of the pedophile priests. People are in committed relationships having children without the damming piece of paper of the declaration of marriage.
The divorce laws are crippling people emotionally and financially without a happy resolution at the end of the day. Some even resort at violence to get out of a marriage. Why is it that the police look at the wife or husband as the murder suspect first in a horrible outcome. Well, because the statistics reveal that the spouse probably did commit the crime. Republican party please keep out of my bedroom, stay in the boardroom and keep this country safe that is all Americans ask.

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