Saturday, April 7, 2012

It is Easter time again. Time to take a moment to get all religious again. Time to reflect on your life. After all, the Jesus story is incredible and so many people believe it. Here we have God’s only son being brought to earth allowing himself to be tortured for the sake of our sins. The bullies nail him to a cross spear him and leave him there to die. Military people and fraternities wouldn’t even think of this kind of torture. So, Jesus who has the power of God makes himself rise from the dead and poof disappears from earth.
So, that story of incredible torture and unbelievable power is still the top story better than Harry Potter and all the powerful Vampire movies we see lately. The Bible trumps them all because we all seek our God still when all else fails. We say all year long” OH God Help Me!” after we have exhausted any other possible solution to out problems. In danger we say it. Even if we are constipated and can’t get the waste out of our bodies, we say it.
America is now being blamed for incredible torture but yet we can yield unbelievable power on others. We have been in Afghanistan now for 11 years. We bought the people of that country a brand new airport which has basically just become the way to smuggle heroin. The unspeakable that represents our country was the U.S. soldier who after serving our country in that place went on a bloody rampage and killed 16 civilians.
Why can’t we do anything bold and decisive anymore like get out of that country? It is so sad to see Obama saying , “We’re sticking with the plan even though we know it is hopeless.” More people will die for no reason. I rather we’d be rebuilding an American city than Kabul. There are American cities with serious infrastructure problems.
What is the mission there? We have a military that if you give them a mission they are spectacular and they will execute whatever mission you ask them to do with their whole body and soul. Ok! Those people are our Jesus sacrificing their lives for US. When they do not have a mission their mission is about themselves. Two thirds of our soldiers are signing up to serve more tours because they are afraid that their buddies are still there and are going to get killed. That soldier was on his 4th tour and snapped.
The endless deployments must stop. His actions were inevitable. From D Day to the end of World War II was 11 months and they rotated the soldiers out. This U.S. Military keeps signing them up for continuous tours. Of course they will crack up if they aren’t already crazy. An injury used to get you out; now the military puts you right back in even with serious mental or physical injuries like deafness from bomb distress.
There are conservatives out there who defend the President in that we do have a time table for deploying our troupes out of there. In fact the time table is to start pulling the troupes out by next year and finish by the end of 2014. Why should we stay for another bloody summer? The President has the power to pull out sooner. Ron Paul said, “We marched in and we can march out just as quickly” Ironically, most soldiers are for Ron Paul. Folks, that is no coincidence.
Vietnam was fought to win the war but the second half of that war there were soldiers going crazy without a mission getting further and further towards the Captain Kurtz like in the movie” Apocalypse Now.” Many mental issues still follow the Vietnam War Veteran. Many even now still look lost and are homeless.
THE FACTS: 18 Veterans commit suicide every day and 79 try!
No wonder Jesus rose from the dead. Wouldn’t you get out of here on earth if you could?

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