Sunday, March 18, 2012

This guy has scored more points in his first five starts than any other player in National Basketball Association (NBA) history. He is New York’s Jeremy Lin. Forget the college playoff basketball games that mesh into each other on TV. They play those games back to back so you can be watching college hoops continuously for days. And we will leave all those precious fresh faces alone on the college teams. We can talk about them once they get big contracts and behave badly spending all their money on partying, cars and houses.
We have to talk about New York. There they finally found an Asian who can play basketball! Ok, I know that could be a racist comment but the problem that all comics face, is, when is a comment racist and when is it comedy? Yes, he is Jeremy Lin and he is great. And in the words of the comic Bill Mahr, he says,” This guy is blown up. He is like 2 weeks away from marrying a Kardashian and Black kids in South Central are pulling up their pants and studying Calculus.”
Yes, his statistics are great. I will say it again. This guy has scored more points in his first five starts than any other NBA player in history. That is more than Michael Jordan or Kolbe Bryant. Typical, one high scoring Asian ruins the curve for the rest of us. (Laugh) The media is all over this too. They cannot resist all the Asian jokes too.
According to Bill Mahr. “One newspaper showed his head coming out of a fortune cookie, they crossed the line when at half time someone went up to Jeremy Lin and asked him to fix their I Phone. To me that crosses the line. There are only two more Jeremy puns left. The headlines in the newspapers can’t show a picture of him towering over another player dunking the ball in the hoop and call it “Peking Dunk!”
Or stuff like “Jeremy Lins it in the Final Seconds!” when he wins the game with the final shot. What is worse is, “Moo Goo Guy Slam!” when he towers over another player for an easy lay up shot. The final straw is when Jeremy Lin “Heats Up MSG” not MonoSodiumGlutimate the addative some include in Chinese food but Madison Square Garden the New York basketball arena. Ok, one more racial pun, “Rice Capades!”
It can be funny if you let yourself laugh or if you are still drinking your St. Paddy’s Day Party, you know finishing the half drank glasses left over from last nights party. Some of the less offensive headlines are: Lining Streak!
Lin Your Face!
Just Lin Time!
Linstant Replay!
Ok, Enough! The guy is just unbelievablely new and interesting to look at.

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