Saturday, March 17, 2012

She is Sexy, Sassy and Smart and she is America’s gift from Ireland on this Saint Patrick’s Day. She is Jenny McCarthy. And what better picture to look at on this day as all Americans are Irish today. Why? I don’t know. It is just another day to get drunk , behave badly, apologize for something and blame it on the drinking holiday. You know her. This past New Year’s Eve she took a cop off the street while hosting the festivities and kissed the poor guy passionately. My kind of girl.
I love Jenny McCarthy. She is a Mother, author, activist and a very funny lady. The Chicago native got her first taste of fame in 1994 when she appeared in Playboy Magazine. Not long after, she landed a job hosting MTV’s dating show “Singled Out.” She quickly stole the show with her undeniable charm and unconventional sense of humor proving that she just wasn’t another pretty face.
By 1997 Jenny had landed her own groundbreaking show, “The Jenny McCarthy Show” which provided a feminist spin to comedy. She then went on to star in dozens of films and MTV projects. In 2005 she surprised us all with a candid and hilarious account of her pregnancy and wrote her first book called “Belly Laughs.” She then followed with another best seller called “Baby Laughs.” A must read for any mother to be if you want to get through the transition in your life to Mommy laughing.
However, Motherhood for her was not all fun and games. In 2005 Jenny’s son Evin was diagnosed with Autism. She stepped back into the spotlight this time as an advocate for a Autism cure. Nowadays, this warrior Mom has made it her mission to give her voice to the many faces of Autism. She wrote her serious book called “Mother Warriors” about women who speak for their children who cannot speak for themselves.
Whether she is mugging for the cameras or cracking jokes, providing comic relief for expectant moms or speaking up about autism, she still continues to create her star power in her own staring roles. She comes from a big Irish family of about 300 relatives who mostly settled in the south side of Chicago. She attended an all girl Catholic school in her early years.
The Nuns told her that she should have been Jewish because the Jewish people don’t believe in hell. Jenny prayed all the time to not go there having such a fear of the possibility of spending all eternity there. Yes, the fear the Catholic religion places on you can last a lifetime. Her next book that is coming out next year is called “Sinner” and has a chapter called Purgatory, another fearful place in the Catholic religion.
Her nightmare brought on by the Catholic religion was the poor babies in limbo not knowing where they are going to because they weren’t Baptized yet. Yeah, hanging out in Purgatory is not fun. Now the ever changing church says Purgatory doesn’t exist anymore just like it is ok to eat meat on Friday if St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday. Oh and now for enough of a donation, you can even get your Marriage of 35 years annulled even with 4 kids hmmm.
Jenny claims to have been bullied in her early teens for being too beautiful. Go figure that one. She had big blond hair sprayed hair so, she was a yellow balled target where the other girls would light her hair on fire, she was beat up and girls waited on her with scissors. Looking back on the experience has made her stronger to withstand criticism.
Her most famous relationship was being Jim Carey’s girl for 5 years. At age 39, Jenny will not want to be paired with another famous guy because the microscope of press is too crazy on both their lives no matter who is more famous. Looking for a regular guy is difficult because she is famous. She might be the only celebrity that has a profile on but she uses her sister’s picture.
Her greatest achievement to date has been her ability to control her child’s Autism through her research and faith. When the doctor told her that there was nothing much she could do about the autism, she prayed to God that if he helped her to find a way for her son to function better, she would tell the world and now he is better and she tells the world through a website “Generation Rescue” hope for recovery. We should all be the kind of Irish she is. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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