Monday, March 19, 2012

America is a religious country and a country that is proud of their football. No, not the kick the ball into the goal football that we see all over the world, American Football, the kind of football that came out of Penn State. Our young boys have suffered lately from both places instead of being the proud new generation to carry our treasured beliefs and past time into the new era. Both places are where few women ever go or are allowed to go. As a result, the boys have been exploited, sexually abused and the crimes covered up by the supposedly most respected men in their fields, The Clergy and the Coaches.

I am concerned about the loopholes in the legal system that many of these awful men manage to take advantage of and are able to get privileges that most Americans aren’t even aware of. It is in the area of bail, bonds and postings. This is an area of law that most people are not aware of till you get arrested for a crime and have to deal with it. It can be hard to understand and the laws can be abused.
There was a bond that was issued for Sandusky the coach that was arrested for sexually abusing young boys at Penn State University. We all know the story, we saw him being arrested we even saw the ruination of the head coaches reputation and death in shame after a career that boasted his most winningest coach reputation. Penn State Pride.
Bonds are issued to many people however, the “Celebrities” like OJ Simpson and now Sandusky have gotten Bonds that most people do not get. Yes, preferential treatment to high profile figures. When the common citizen gets arrested they have to pay to get out. Mr. Sandusky got out on a tax funded PR Bond which means that we the tax payers are now funding his freedom and he like Simpson is a rich and famous man.
Typically a PR Bond is used for a first time offender, one who has never been arrested for that crime before; someone who has never been in trouble in their entire life. Then, in the 1960’s it became in use for the indigent. The truly poor first time criminal who couldn’t afford bail money. People who that absolutely had nothing.
So, from there it has evolved into this national problem where all of these people who are now charged with crimes get out without spending any money, no repercussion, no deterrent, there is no one really watching them and the taxpayers fund the bill for that. The expenses are that we have to pay for the police that have to catch them, their lawyers, the time in court has to be paid for and by the tax payers.
Now the Sandusky arrest is hitting a nerve for us because our society is already financially stressed. This pedophile’s expenses is the last thing the tax payers should be paying for. In the news you heard that he was let out on $100,000 bail. Well that wasn’t the whole truth. He was in fact released on a “Personal Recognizance Bond.” and unless you know the Bail Bond Business, you do not know what it means.
Personal Recognizance simply means your hand on the Bible and your other hand raised high “on my word” coming from criminal types that lied through their crimes anyway. They simply swear that they will come back and not run away. Famous people get this treatment because it is hard for a famous person to disappear, they are always being watches anyway by paparazzi. If you have a very good lawyer and you know the judicial system, you can get away with a PR Bond and he got away with it.
He made a preemptive deal before he came in to put himself in jail. He made a deal with someone that was associated with his “Second Mile “ Charity and she just happened to be the judge on this case. If you know anyone in a case you get thrown out of Jury Duty; there seems to be a double standard at this level of lawmakers that is just plain wrong!!!
In any normal case the Judge would have reclused themselves and stepped away from the case because they are a bit too close to the flame. She is probably one of the alumni of the college or someone that he is very close to. And so she went ahead with the thought that the allegations were outrageous. She made a deal with his attorney long before the district attorney could even get in the room and ask for a say $500,000 Bond.
This was all done on a Saturday, so the PR Bond did not come to light until the Monday after. The outrage started on Tuesday and thankfully there is a pack of wild Moms chasing after this guy since the Wednesday. So Moms, keep an eye on those clergy and coaches and protect your young boys cause no one else cares enough.

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