Friday, March 16, 2012

Where are the Republicans in this election now? It seems that the three main stooges and Ron Paul are simply there because they are the only candidates that still have big money endorsers behind them. So, that is the criteria for being my countries leader. “Money is Speech” Simply get some rich guy to endorse you and spend all his money till the election.
At one point we all thought that by now Mitt Romney would have been the front runner. It is important and usually a shoe in if they won in their home state. Well, what is these guy’s home state? They are so rich they have homes in a lot of states. The whole election process has been tainted by greed and nepotism. The guy with the most amount of rich friends seems to be the most likely candidate to win. What about the fair, decent leadership we so need ? Nah.
There is a deeper problem here now with the Republicans. There are no one set group of people called republicans anymore. There are 3 groups of disgruntled Americans under the title of republicans. You have the libertarian republican party led by Ron Paul. There is the social conservative party led by Rick Santorum and then there is the traditional corporate leadership party of Mitt Romney.
The three groups can’t seem to get along to get one candidate to move forward. They are each cutting the line to get a crack at that Presidential piñata in November. The difference now is that the candidates all have a Billionaire in their back pockets pushing them forward as they take swipes at the Presidential prize.
Fundraising isn’t even that important nowadays because of the group Citizens United. All you need is that one Billionaire in your camp. Sheldon Addelson who is Newt Gingerich sugar daddy recently gave his war chest another $10 Million dollars. This Sheldon guy owns the Venetian Casino. Why did he give Newt all this Money? But then I don’t know why people want to ride in gondoliers in the lobby of a hotel either.
Foster Fries is the rich guy that is bankrolling Rick Santorum’s campaign. Mitt Romney has his own billions from taking over vulnerable companies and selling off all their assets. Something should be said for the Supreme Court’s decision to make this Citizen’s United ruling that changed American politics in ways that people still aren’t quite aware of. We have noticed weirdo candidates with lots of money seemingly being able to move forward.
It was the 5 conservative republicans on the supreme court that made it easy for the conservative republicans running for President to out raise the Democratic President. There must be a connection here. Of the 16 Billionaires contributing to candidates campaigns, 14 are giving money to Republicans and only 2 are giving money to Obama.
Ultimately 5 is the magic number when it comes to the supreme Court. If you can get any 5 of them to agree on something, it will get passed. Now the slogan for this country is “Money is Speech.” Most of Obama’s money came from regular people. A million people can give $2 each to a campaign but they can be drowned out buy one rich crazy person writing one check. Yes the first amendment rights tell us that we can say what we want and how we want to spend our money however, a rich nut shouldn’t be running my country just because he is rich.

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