Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This one is nipping at the heals of Adele and selling her own albums along the way. Also from Britain who is another chubby girl, her name is Rumer. She is a well known singer in England but us Americans have yet to fall in love with her. She is known for her clarity in her voice. She reminds me of Karen Carpenter in the 80’s
This British singer’s unexpected break through has been wildly accepted in England. Her only album has sold a million copies in Europe. It is called Rumer Seasons of my Soul. Elton John has invited her to perform with him. You might hear the sound of Burt Bacharach in her music because the 70’s singer and songwriter got together in his California home and she has recorded several of his songs like that old one Alphie.
At 32 years old she is not an overnight sensation. She has been around the block and has sung anywhere they would have her. Rumer played in London clubs and pubs for a decade before finally landing a record deal. She survived by taking on odd jobs. Washing hair at a hair salon, Sold ad space, a drama teacher and even fixed I Pods in a Apple store.
She was a bartender and was told that “she wasn’t attractive enough” her response was that these comments just go over her head and represents gas. Rumer is a stage name she adopted from one of her mother’s favorite writers. She was born Sara Joyce in Pakistan . Her father was an engineer on the massive Kalabagh Dam project there. She was the youngest of 7 children.
Sara knew she was different because all her brothers and sisters were blond and blue eyed. She was not fair and always asked her mother why she didn’t look like them. Finally she was told when she was 11 years old that her biological father was not Dad but was the hired cook for the household from Pakistan. Yes Sara was the result of the rumor that become true.
What was Sara to do to have learned that she was the result of an extramarital affair? Through out her teens she then struggled with her identity, her culture, where she belongs, who she is? Hey! We have our own Arnold Schwarzenegger here who produced a child with his hired help too. Americans could never be shocked.
Rumer Rumer arrives on the red carpet for The BRIT Awards 2011 at the O2 Arena on February 15, 2011 in London, England.In 2003 while dying from breast cancer her mother made a request. She wanted Sara to meet her father. She said," Go to Pakistan and find him." So, Rumer made the trip up into the mountains of Pakistan’s northern frontier where she stopped for tea in a small hotel. Showed her picture of him to the waiter and said that she was looking for this man. In response he said, “That is my father. He died 3 months ago.”
Rumer responded by creating a safe place around her. Her father was simply some pictures locked in a box. Now with both parents gone she focused on her music. Rumer’s first record has already gone into the top ten in 5 countries, Now she has arrived onto American shores.
We have yet to see the impact she will make here but with connections like Elton and Burt she will probably be around for awhile too. If she can make it here, then she will have made it everywhere.

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